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Scrooged – Business Movie Review

Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. Business Movie Review illustrated with movie poster from Scrooged (1988).
Scrooged has 3 Ghosts of Christmas teach Business Leaders a few lessons. Image Credit:

Scrooged movie teaches business strategies from the Three Ghosts of Christmas

Our beloved Scrooged (1998) is a great modern take on Charles Dicken’s Christmas classic A Christmas Carol. Even though it says it’s a PG-13 movie I’m not so sure it is for the young ones.

Frank Cross is a wildly successful president of a TV Station. How he came into the industry is a sad backstory revealed with the Ghost of Christmas Past. He has become inconsiderate and relentless. Frank truly enjoys being a schmuck.

As he is about to produce the crown jewel of his career and the station’s existence, he is visited by 3 Ghosts of Christmas. His world is turned upside down and America will never be the same!

Watching this movie is a great way to reflect upon your year. You’ll be all in as you identify with Frank’s journey of awareness. I don’t do spoilers here. I strongly encourage you to watch this movie after you read the review. FYI: YOUR Business’s Success may depend upon it.

Scrooged Business Strategy #1
Ghost of Christmas Past

Early in his career, Frank made a foolish personal move to have a professional gain. The Ghost states, “You don’t know who you are, what you want, or what’s really going on.”

How often is this you? Don’t be so quick to brush over this… it’s all of us from time to time.

Scrooged Business Strategy #2
Ghost of Christmas Present

Frank is touched when he sees one of the woes his secretary’s family. He is touched. The Ghost states, “Sometimes the truth is painful. It’s his choice, only he can break the spell.”

How often are you working through something that if you just made a different choice your reality would change? It is painful to own the truth that we aren’t as awesome as we always think. But we have the opportunity to be awesome when we own it and begin to chart a better course for our business and our life.

Scrooged Business Strategy #3
Ghost of Christmas Future

Frank sees his future with the guidance of this Ghost. He doesn’t like how bleak his future is on the path he’s created. Frank aslo sees the full impact of the simple statements and actions he’s made to others over the years. He openly reveals he’s been a schmuck but isn’t any longer.

Frank recognizes how he has to change his way of being and doing, to live into his potential, and invites everyone to join him. The former Scrooge reveals that the Christmas Spirit is far too great to last only one day when it has enough love to last the whole year long. He now believes in miracles and shares why.

Do you ever look at the trajectory of  your life and business? Is it pleasing you? If yes – great! Keep rocking it. If not – great! You have a moment of choice to change your world! Don’t hesitate – put a little compassion and love in your own heart to tend to what you need right now… stillness to discern and create a new course to your preferred destiny. If you do, your world and the world will be a better place!

Which one of the Business Strategies from Scrooged would serve YOUR Business best right now?


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