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Angels Sing: Brilliant Breakthroughs Business Movie Review

Angels Sing (2013) Movie

Brilliant Breakthroughs Business Movie Reviews Share
Business Strategies via watching Movies…
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What can the movie, “Angels Sing” (2013)
teach us about the business strategies:
Truth, Understanding, & Promises?

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Brilliant Breakthroughs Business Movie Reviews emerged because movies are a great way to be inspired and/or learn from a fresh perspective! This movie is a family “PG” movie. Please check out the Movie Reviews category on the right column on our site to explore over 40 movies reviews to improve your business and life!

Angels Sing” sure feels like a classic Hallmark Channel Christmas movie. It has all the warm fuzzies happening, mixed with a tragedy, resistance, and an epiphany all rolled into a short plot. Keep a keen eye to see some of the characters morph!

Harry Connick Jr.’s character, Michael, and family are need of a home. Much to their surprise they end up in a sweet home deal from a guy named, “Nick”. Yes, you heard me correctly. However, there is one particularly important clause in the home agreement that has to do with how the Christmas Season needs to occur if Michael and family are to live in this exquisite home. Michael chooses to disregard this stipulation of their contract and becomes accountable. Nick has a few sweet tricks up his sleeve. Meanwhile, right before Christmas, Michael’s son encounters an unfortunate tragedy, which is similar to one Michael experienced as a child. Michael, must now experience this tragedy from the parental role and is frustrated that he can’t get through to his son. The rest of the story is this family’s Christmas miracle. Enjoy this with your loved ones and Merry Christmas to you and your family!

The truth shall set you free

Michael’s been in great doubt about what happened one Christmas season when he was a child. He was sure of the facts. He was correct about the facts, but it wasn’t until an incident occurred that he was able to hear one more fact. This fact was the root of Michael’s anguish for all these years. When he heard this he was free from incorrect beliefs.

Strategy #1: Truth liberates us
How often do you work under the premise of one belief?

And then, you learn of another. At that moment you have a choice. You can begin a discovery process to learn your truth. Yet, it usually requires you to do some deep listening.  If you listen deeply, and choose to look under all the rocks, you may find yourself on a new path of liberation.

Understanding creates room for forgiveness

Michael’s understanding of what really occurred when he was a child helped him move beyond his frustration and forgive (no spoiler here). He needed to be in a different understanding to finally understand and it was then that he had ears to understand and then forgive or pardon. Once he forgave, everything changed for Michael.

Strategy #2: Understanding changes everything
Do you take time to truly understand circumstances or situations?

How often do you try to get something off your To-Do List and you may not be giving it enough time to truly understand what is being required? Personally and professionally, we are always seeking short-cuts. Some times the short-cut is slowing down and tending to something more appropriately.

Promises are contracts, which bind us to one another

When Michael and Nick went into contract there was a stipulation about what the home owner must do. This clause was very important and would be deal breaker. Michael agreed to it.  Later, when it came time to honor it, Michael decided to dishonor his agreement. Of course Nick appeared to help him remember his word and honor it.

Strategy #3: Promises and contracts are binding
Are you cautious with your promises?

Take time to make sure that your promises are as serious as a contract. It doesn’t matter if this is with your children or your coworkers. Promises, just like contracts, bind us to one another. Don’t make a promise you can’t keep. Make sure you show up in a good way!

Take a moment to share… which business strategies from “Angels Sing” are calling your to explore them right now. Let’s see how we can serve each other through authentic sharings :)

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p.s. If “Angels Sing” doesn’t seem like it’s a movie you’d like, consider: “Christmas with Kranks“. It’s a really different flavor and quite hilarious!


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