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4th Quarter Action Plan as Business Success Secret

4th Quarter Action Plan as
Business Success Secret

Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. 4th Quarter Action Plan illustrated by a purple #4 pool ball.
4 Quarter Action Plans can make or break YOUR Profit Margin.

4th Quarter Action Plan – do you have one? Better yet, why do you think you NEED one?

Yes, I said “need”.  It’s not enough that you should need one. It’s essential to closing out the year strong and beginning the new year on solid ground.

YOUR 4th Quarter Action Plan, when developed and implemented is extremely powerful. Did I say extremely? Yep, I meant it!

4th Quarter Action Plan Secrets:

Secret #1: Most Small Business Owners (SBOs) start slowing down their business activities by October 31st. They like to believe that business isn’t being done during November and December, and some are even more delusional to believe that nothing happens until the end of January. I’m here to tell you this is 100% poppycock!

There’s plenty of business happening in November and December. I admit that sometimes during the Holiday Season it’s fun to play hooky for a day, but making that a habit will not support YOUR Business Success.

Here’s the 4th Quarter Action Plan Intel: Most people don’t want to work during the Holidays (I’ve dubbed this as “Holiday Head“). They want to be skiing, baking gingerbread man, or watching Hallmark Holiday movies with hot cocoa and popcorn.

Let’s really own it for a moment… wouldn’t all of us rather being doing stuff like that for a couple of months? Sure we would. And then it would get old.

It drives me crazy how every year I hear SBOs tell me they weren’t profitable and how they worked minimally during the 4th Quarter. Yikes –  successful business needs strategy, and especially a 4th Quarter Action Plan.

Secret #2: You can capture more sales than you thought was possible during the rest of the year. Since most SBOs aren’t working the 4th quarter, you have the golden opportunity to serve YOUR Marketplace with minimal to no competition. That’s right, YOUR Marketplace is waiting for you to show up and serve them.

Yep, just by showing up you will be able to capture more sales. Why? YOUR Competition is absent AND people are in a more jovial mood. This means they may be more willing to listen to you and seriously consider what you’re offering.

Secret #3: Try to find ways to convert YOUR Offerings (Product & Services) into gift options. Create different “End of the Year” sales or “Start the New Year Off with a Bang” sales for starters. The more creative you are – the more likely you are to generate more revenue.

Of course, you can’t wake up one day and just start doing this. Good news! It’s not too late to start developing YOUR 4th Quarter Action Plan. The key is to be taking Right Action.

Secret Special 4th Quarter Discount for my Blog Readers:
Here’s my special offer to my followers (you won’t find it anywhere else on my site): If you are interested in conducting a 3 hour “4th Quarter Strategy Session & Action Plan Development” for only $375 USD (that’s a 50% discount), click on the Contact Us Page and tell me this. I will follow-up with you to begin guiding your through this money-making process. We’ll only have to do this once and you’ll know how to repeat it every year.

No, I haven’t lost my mind. Yes, I absolutely do believe in the power of working the 4th Quarter so much so I’m making this outrageous offer for you to learn how to do this and generate more revenue! If you make this wise investment I’m assure you will be amazed!


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p.s. SBOs – don’t allow “Holiday Head” to kill your profit margin. Take me up on my outrageous offer above!

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