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The Christmas Card: Business Movie Review

This movie poster for The Christmas Card movie poster is illustrated with a uniformed soldier tenderly hugging a women as she begins to turn to him.
The Christmas Card movie demonstrates strategies of team support, community involvement, and simplicity.

The Christmas Card (2006)
Business Movie Review:

The Christmas Card teaches us about
the business strategies of
Team Support, Community Involvement, & Simplicity

The Christmas Card is my husband and my favorite Christmas movie. Why have we watched every year since it first aired on TV? It has all the makings of a good movie: acknowledging our service members and the importance of community. It also reveals clues of running a successful family business and traditions. Let’s not forget a pair of Harleys and holiday goodness. Amidst the sugar cookie sweetness there is confusion and struggle. I promise you’ll deeply enjoy Ed Asner’s character!

The Christmas Card is filled with endless tips to improve YOUR Business’s Performance. FYI: We have over 10 Christmas themed movies under the Business Strategies Movie Review Category. They’re listed on our Business Strategies Blog Page. Most of our 40+ Business Movie Reviews are family viewable.

The Christmas Card Business Strategy
#1 Team Support

Sgt. Cullen needed some cheering up. His team presented themselves in a spirited fashion. Then Sgt. Cullen accepted taking on one last additional mission for Jonesy. Cullen chose to take care of completing something that Jonesy just couldn’t.

Do you take care of your team members and give them all the support they need?

The Christmas Card Business Strategy
#2  Community Involvement

The Christmas Card program was supported by the citizens of Nevada City. They  created handwritten Christmas Cards for the troops who couldn’t be home during the Holidays. Other community involvement for the main characters: the Christmas Tree lot, the clothing and toy drive, and the Veterans’ Holiday Dance.

What activities do you and your business take on to support others in need?

The Christmas Card Business Strategy
#3 Simplicity

Simplicity offers peace and contentment. Simplicity appears throughout this movie: sleigh rides, community involvement, and counting lumber via dots. This family also has an assembly line to make Christmas cookies and the special place where “magic happens”.

What could you do to simplify your life? Your business? Your Holidays?

Which The Christmas Card business strategy would serve YOUR Business best right now? Feel free to leave your answer in the comment section.


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