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Christmas with the Kranks: Brilliant Breakthroughs Biz Movie Review

Christmas with the Kranks (2004) Movie


Christmas with the Kranks Movie Review Ticket
Christmas with the Kranks reveals some great reminders of business strategies that work for life experiences too!


What can the movie, “Christmas with the Kranks” (2004)
teach us about the business strategies:
Teamwork, Tradition, & Doing the Right Thing?

Brilliant Breakthroughs Business Movie Reviews emerged because movies are a great way to be inspired and/or learn from a fresh perspective! Typically, I share if the movie isn’t G or PG Rated so you may discern whether a movie is appropriate for family viewing or not. This movie is a family “PG” movie and one that is more realistic as to our humanness.

“Christmas with the Kranks” is a pretty good movie without the sugary sweet storyline we see so often. The Kranks’ daughter leaves for the Peace Corps before Thanksgiving. Mrs. Krank misses her daughter and starts putting her efforts into their family’s big Christmas Eve Party for all the families in the neighborhood. Then, Mr. Krank, who is an accountant, tallies how much the family spends on Christmas and comes up with a very different alternative since their daughter won’t be with them. The movie focuses on what happens when one declares, “We aren’t doing Christmas this year.” Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis are great talents and really deliver on this one! Watch this with the family – there’s plenty of great lessons to discuss … Merry Christmas to your family!

It takes a whole team, or neighborhood, to win

When Christmas plans change again for the Kranks, they need to ask their neighbors to assist them. This brings up all the different personalities: helpful, doubtful, resenting, reluctant, and supporting neighbors who show up here. What happens is a Christmas miracle with several twists to keep you guessing how this is actually going to play out. Even though this has a predictable ending, how it gets to a warm fuzzy moment keeps you intrigued. Yet, with the very unusual and creative assistance of neighbors, there is a big win!

Strategy #1: Teamwork
How often do you wait until it’s almost too late before you ask for the help you need? When you do enroll a team, do you give enough direction and creative license to your teammates?

The glue that bonds us together

The Krank’s traditional Christmas Eve Party is an expectation. Preserving tradition unifies people. Everyone feels part of a contribution. When the Kranks took that away from their neighbors, the push-back wasn’t too pretty. If your heart isn’t into the traditional event, it may be a good idea to mix it up a bit or do something different to see if it’s run its course or if it really is meaningful to everyone.

Strategy #2: Tradition
Is your tradition still serving what your initial intentions were when it was created? Are you holding on to a tradition that has really expired? Do you need to tweak a tradition for it to serve more current situations?

Moving beyond yourself

Selfishness is thriving on our planet. Mr. Krank and some of his neighbors temporarily demonstrate this well and humorously. Yet, they all move beyond themselves to do the right thing. It’s just like the Grinch’s heart growing. Mr. Krank finds his heart and offers an extremely generous and appropriate Christmas gift. Once he did the right thing, as his neighbors did, he felt the joy of giving.

Strategy #3: Doing the right thing
Do you accept invitations to move beyond your own stuff?  How often do you shift from “what you want” to “what will serve the higher good”?

Take a moment to share… Please share which business strategies of Christmas with the Kranks invites you to explore right now. Take a moment to answer in the comment section. Let’s see how we can serve each other with authentic sharings :)

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  2. Makes me want to see the movie. I wish businesses would be more in the holiday spirit. Very little is done now where I work about the holiday season, since we must be politically correct and not offend anyone.

    Merry Christmas!

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