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Draft Day: Brilliant Breakthroughs Business Movie Review

DRAFT DAY (2014) Movie

What can the movie, “DRAFT DAY” (2014)
teach us about the business strategies:
Patience, Far-sightedness, & Precision?

DRAFT DAY Brilliant Business Movie Review Ticket
Draft Day is an excellent movie about the strategies of drafting football players.

Brilliant Breakthroughs Business Movie Reviews emerged because movies are a great way to be inspired and/or learn from a fresh perspective! Typically, I share if the movie isn’t G or PG Rated so you may discern whether a movie is appropriate for family viewing or not. “Draft Day”, is rated “R”, and fictional. Ladies, you will definitely appreciate this movie!

“Draft Day” is one of those movies that takes us behind the scenes and into the “day in the life” of what happens on a NFL Draft Day. The story is about a strong Coach of the Cleveland Browns that everyone wants to push around. He seems like an easy target because he has a team with a terrible record, great draft day picks, and he just buried his father who was a loved Coach of the Browns. Our beloved Coach Sonny (Kevin Costner) is partnered with a very strong women (Jennifer Garner) at his side – both personally and professionally, as she’s the team’s Salary Cap Manager. The rest of the story is one of overcoming limits and living into sheer courage and confidence while allowing your intuition to guide you. Draft Day is deep, as well as entertaining as Kevin Costner plays this role well.

Slowing down can accelerate success

As Coach Sonny wants to make his picks to support the longevity of the team and create sustainable success, he is not impetuous! Coach slows down his selection process and does his due diligence. He waits, positions himself, and behaves in a perceived counter-intuitive manner. He puts everything on the line, and just allows for everything to unfold into a favorable manner. 

Strategy #1: Patience
How often do you try to speed up a process to complete something instead of slowing it down to assure success?


Moves of greatness are timeless

Coach Sonny had a gift… he was willing to put his whole career on the line for his far-sightedness of what he knew the team could become. He saw potential and was willing to do what was necessary to create a legacy. This vision of a successful team over-rode all else.

Strategy #2: Far-Sightedness
What is your vision? Are you making business decisions of greatness to support its timelessness?

Executing Excellence

Coach Sonny’s execution of his plan was exquisite! His precision of knowing what to do and when was impeccable. He demonstrated mastering of knowing exactly what to do and precisely when to execute it. When precision is executed it automatically requires patience. When you watch this movie, notice how Sonny’s vision was grander than any of his human shortcomings and he had no choice but to follow his far-sighted vision of his team.

Strategy #3: Precision
Do have enough fortitude, confidence, and wisdom to act with precision when it comes to your business’s success?

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p.s. Please click on the Movie Category to see other Brilliant Breakthroughs Business Movie Reviews. At this time we have over 80 to consider. If you want to watch a movie about a young girl’s triumph click on “Soul Surfer“. Please enjoy the movie Draft Day and others while you apply these strategies to create your own professional success!


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