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Envisioning Successful Small Businesses

Small Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. Envisioning illustrated by women holding book "High Performance Habits" by Brendon Burchard.
Daily envisioning YOUR Actions to support YOUR Small Business Success is essential.

Envisioning Successful Small Businesses-
Let’s start with yours!

Envisioning success for YOUR Small Business probably sounds corny, but I assure you it is one of the greatest actions you can take to support YOUR Small Business’s Performance.

Over 15 years ago I read an article about how the top performing CEOs only had 1 thing in common that they did on a daily basis. What was the 1 thing? They envisioned the immediate and long-term success of the business, how it was performing, and how that day’s events were going to help them move the business toward their desired goals.

Unfortunately, I lost track of who wrote this report so I couldn’t quote it. However, this hasn’t stopped me from sharing it with my clients. It’s one of the first things I teach my clients.

I’ve called this as Envisioning and it’s a daily practice for me and my business’s success. Undeniably the most important action I take each day.

Why am I sharing about Envisioning today?

Yesterday, I heard Brendon Burchard, who just released his latest book “High Performance Habits.” He conducted several years of research and was surprised with some of the results about top High Performers. Great book filled with validation of how Right Thoughts and Right Action drive excellence (not a new concept for our followers, but new research still validates it)! I started reading the book last week, I encourage you to buy AND apply it too.

Essentially my Envisioning practice is extremely similar to what Brendon’s research reveals as Excellence Planning. His research found that the top high performers spend an average of 20 minutes per day envisioning. This involves planning or defining excellent performance in each major activity of that particular day.

I admit envisioning isn’t a sexy activity at all. Yet, these precious 20 minutes provide great clarity and direction to guide me and my business to focus on the right actions all day long.

Do I always need 20 minutes? No. Do I ever need more than 20 minutes? Sometimes.

Your 5 Steps for Envisioning YOUR Business Success:

  1. Daily: reserve 20 minutes on your calendar – as close to the beginning of your day as possible.
  2. Review your plan or commitments for the day.
  3. Delete or reschedule what isn’t essential for today’s performance.
  4. Discern which activities will get you closest to your goals.
  5. Take action on these activities first.

NOTE: Develop your plan and play it out. Stay with this approach and you’ll be amazed with your progress!

Why am I encouraging you to create a Daily Practice of Envisioning?

I know it makes a difference. People ask me how I get so much done. This, and planning my tomorrow today are my two main practices to assure I show up strong and make daily impact. It works for me and my clients. If you want to do this too, begin by following the 5 Steps for Envisioning YOUR Business Success.

What value do you see in implementing this daily practice? Please share in the comments section – I’ll be sure to respond.


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