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Remember to NOT do this for YOUR 2020 Business Goals

Your 2020 Business Goals and Vision in neon
Unconventional coaching to create your 2020 business goals!

Small Business Owners:
Remember to NOT do this for
YOUR 2020 Business Goals

You’d have to be hiding under a rock to not know it’s time to focus on a new decade and create YOUR 2020 Business Goals. Between the Black Friday’s ubiquitous clickbait and December’s “2020 Vision” push, I’m hearing from Small Business Owners how they just want to focus on ending this year strong and start next year with a boost. That’s our goal: Improve Business’s Performance!

This focus warms my heart! Why? This has been my blogging message for years.

Since the 2020 hype is already a saturated and vanilla message this year, I opted to do things a little different. Last week I wrote about one thing you should add to your practice – Best Practices for Business Success. It’s essential for you to simplify Your Success and that’s one of the best ways to do it! Click here for the power-packed article: Ready to Implement Business’s Best Practices in 2020?

Admittedly, it’s not only that time of a year, it’s that time of a year for a decade! So I have a treat for you – instead of telling you a gazillion things your should be adding to your business goals for this new year, I’m going to to share what you should omit! If you do this, your profitability will soar and you’ll have more peace. Ready to learn more about YOUR 2020 Business Goals?


What should your business omit it 2020?

1. Documentation weight loss activation!

Perhaps the most obvious is your paper trails. How many boxes, piles, binders, and file folders do you have full of things you should release or digitize?

Let’s be practical about this. Are there some things you need to keep in paper form? Yes! Is it a majority of what you’re holding on to? No! Keep essential documentation, scan or digitize what is essential, and ditch the rest! Today, just about anything you want to find can be accessed through the internet.

Put your business’s documentation on a weight loss program and shed those 20 – 30 pounds of paper you need to ditch!

2. Traditions – which have lost their oomph!

Being human, Small Business Owners love create traditions, rituals, and/or systems. It helps us stay anchored in our daily lives and business practices. Yet, I must ask: How many of your traditions do you need to now change? Are they still a effective as they once were? 

Truth will reveal some are, and some aren’t. Don’t get bogged down with traditions which have expired. Click here for a short article to learn more about which traditions you should you continue, ditch, or adapt: When to keep or ditch your traditions

3. Streamline your technology!

1st: Your technology graveyard.
Do you have a drawer or box filled with really old cables, phones, routers, or even an old desktop tower (I have one of these within arm’s reach)? I have a box of tech hardware that is charity and it will move out within the next few days. Why don’t you do the same and release it?

TIP: Just make sure you remove all you files before you release anything that stores data.

2nd: Cancel any tech/software/app subscriptions you no longer use.
If you haven’t regularly used it in the last 3 months, it’s probably time to release it. Click here for a short article to learn more: How much business tech do you need to ditch?

NOTE: You can always resubscribe if you’re finding you truly need it. Be strong and simplify. 

3rd: Remove any tech twins.
What I’m referencing is anything that’s a duplication. Today’s tech is becoming multi-potent (has more features to accomplish multiple tasks). Do you have duplication in your tech?

START HERE: Review your website, email marketing, CRM (Customer Relationship Management system) and social media tools. Do you know their features and full capabilities? (Typically these are much more capable of what we’re using them for to support our businesses.) Once you know what they’re capable of doing, you may be able to release other tech tools you’ve purchased and truly don’t need!

Streamline YOUR 2020 Business Goals

This, my dear Small Business Owner is up to you! No one can do it for you unless you already have some of it outsourced. You are the one who can create a strong new year to support your business.

Chances are you already know how to appropriately create your goals – if not, we should talk! Click here to start the process for us to have a no-cost conversation to help you define your key goals: It’s time for a new way to conduct business.

For years you’ve heard me discuss the power of simplification to support YOUR Business’s Success. This article will help you leap, with greater ease, into your 2020 Business Goals. Why? You’ll be dragging much less clutter (physically and digitally), and you’ll be boosting your profitability and create more peace with less stuff swimming in your head! It frees you up to work on what matters most – your customers!

Feel free to write in the comments section which one of the areas you’re going to work on omitting first…


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