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What’s your marketing message saying?

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Your marketing message needs to be simple to easily attract customers.

What’s your marketing message saying?

Maybe the better question is what isn’t your marketing message saying to YOUR Ideal Customers? Hit pause and think about both questions for minute or two.

The reason why I ask you this is… in the past week I had appointments with 3 different Small Business Owners (SBOs) who have struggling small businesses. Through our conversation each one revealed their Business Performance was wimpy.

Even though this is painful, the good news was each one of them began to quickly understand their weakness. Each SBO didn’t have a marketing message which spoke directly to their Ideal Customer. Infact each one was confusing their customer with their messaging.

Do you have a confusing marketing message?

Marketing messages need to be clean, simple, and precise. Another way to say this is a “no-brainer” for YOUR Ideal Customer to know that you understand their problem and can help them fix it.

Marketing professional, Greg Nicholson, shares in this podcast episode the importance of creating a dominating market message. In it he explains the reason why it’s important and then explains how to create it. His example is great. I’m not going to spoil it for you – click here to listen to Greg Nicholson on the Brilliant Breakthroughs Podcast. He surely simplifies marketing success.

TIP: Any marketing message, including a blogpost, should have a single topic. The reason is the same – don’t confuse your marketplace AND do attract YOUR Ideal Customer. 

When you have a simple and consistent message that provides clarity as to who you are and what you offer, customers will come to you. Why? They understand you hold the solution they seek. 

When you slow down to get your message crystal clear, YOUR Ideal Customer will reward you with their business. Simply YOUR Business’s Success and get busy on this. Don’t keep hiding from YOUR Customers by delaying this.

Please feel free to share a question or insights in the comments section. What’s your thoughts about Greg’s key point. Do you find you are still confusing your customer?  I know I’m going back to my marketing message again 🙂


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p.s.: Creating a solid marketing message is essential to grow and sustain business.

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