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Adapting when executing plans fortifies your success

Adapting Business Plans illustrated as a person holds a black marker and is drawing out a flow chart.
Sometimes we anticipate adapting our plans. Surely doesn’t mean it’s easy though!

Adapting to the plans improves
your odds of success

Adapting is one of the capabilities humans have to survive. As a Business Owners are you adaptable as you need to be? Is you capability to adapt fortifying YOUR Business’s Success? Each day, YOUR Business’s Performance is impacted by your capability to keep things moving forward.

Do you minimize your success because you aren’t adapting?

Too often I see Business Owners who are not adapting to the circumstances to assure their success or the success of the situation. Conversely, I also see Business Owners completely throw away their plan and wing it. Winging it can be fine if it still relevant to the plan. The plan I’m referencing is if others have an expectation because of the plan. If they don’t, you can ad-lib without hesitation. The questions will always be: “Are you able to deliver the expected outcome?

“The show must go on!”

Recently, I was presenting at an event. My time slot was between an hour to two hours after lunch. The room was warm. I had a well laid out presentation plan. The flow of my training session was in front of every participant. BUT, I saw sleepy heads. Immediately I needed to adapt what I was doing. I needed to wake up the audience.

What did I do? I decided to ask them questions about the information I was training on. I left my planned script and handouts and re-engaged them with several rounds of banter. Did we address each point in the handouts they were taking home? No. However, I will be able to deliver that information throughout the next 8 weeks of coaching they will be receiving on the topic.

Funny thing about this situation. If I had continued with the plan, they wouldn’t have absorbed the training because they were too sleepy. There wasn’t enough concentration to make a difference. I made a choice to not deliver all the material. Tap your expertise to help you find the best solution.

Result from adapting and not adaption options?

They don’t have the insights of my training on some of the information. BUT I can deliver this to them in a different format. Why was choosing to go “off script”a better choice? It honored them. They were still engaged in the topic and will be eager to learn the rest of the information!

REMEMBER: It is very important to fulfill a plan. It is equally important to assess the circumstancing and adjust appropriately.

What do you find the most difficult part of adapting to circumstance is for you? Please share your answer in the comment section.


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p.s. Remember to be flexible during your execution. Implementing a plan shines when you are able to adapt!

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