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Networking tips for building real relationships

Networking Tips for Building
Real Relationship

Do you fret networking opportunities?
Are you a good networker?
Ready for some practical networking tips?


networking tips depicted with violet tinted image of 2 hands shaking
Networking Tips: Begin with smile and firm handshake

Networking tips are common. But when was the last time you learned networking tips that were actually applicable in a practical manner AND actually worked? For a long time this was the most difficult things for me to do to grow my business and professional reputation. Then out of necessity, I learned some great networking tips through trial and error. Necessity pushed me beyond my “safe” bubble and I quickly learned what worked and didn’t work.

Are networking opportunities passing by you?

I detest small talk. I really like what comes next in relationship building… the actual discovery what type of relationship may grow and how to foster it best. But guess what. None of my “fun” activities can occur until I start speaking to strangers – yes, that small talk action step must be taken!

Networking is NOT going somewhere and passing your cards out while collecting others. This activity is data collection. Further, networking is NOT greeting someone and after you ask them a question you start a far too long pitch of your products and services. This activity of selling is inappropriate during networking events and you will lose prospects quickly.

Networking isn’t just for salespeople. Continuously expanding your circle is crucial to your business’s success. Great client relationships, business alliances, and board directors seats are typically anchored via networking opportunities. Networking isn’t just to grow sales. Now, it is a necessity.

So what are some practical and tactical
networking tips?

An excellent author, Jeff Haden, who is a contributing editor of Inc. Magazine and articles in many other sources of similar caliber, just wrote an outstanding article on networking tips. Over the past 4 years I’ve highlighted Jeff’s writings in our blog approximately 10 times.

Once again, I reveal I couldn’t write a better article on this topic than Jeff. Why? I see his points (listed below) and his explanation of them as true. More important they work! How do I know? Jeff must have been observing me… this is precisely how I network. Over the past 2 years I’ve also learned from other successful authentic relationship builders, this is how they function as well. Please read the full article:

  1. Quit trying to take before you give.
  2. Quit thinking other people should care about your needs.
  3. Stop asking for something specific; let other people offer.
  4. Quit taking the shotgun approach.
  5. Quit assuming tools create connections.
  6. Quit reaching too high.

Which one of Jeff’s 6 tips would improve your business’s success if implemented?

Print out the explanations of Jeff’s Networking Tips article and implement them as your Authentic Networking Process. Of course, adding your own secret awesomeness to it!

Please feel free to comment on which points you think can be a game changer
to improve YOUR Business’s profit and success. 


If you want to discuss this strategy or something you need assistance with,
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Blessings of Success to YOU ~
Maggie Mongan, Brilliant CEO & Founder
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p. s.: If I could wave my magic wand and infuse a couple networking tips into everyone it would be Jeff’s first and second point. Recently I heard Lucas J. Robak speak at a Wisconsin Business Owners Lunch and Learn and he stated, “quit trying to be interesting and start being interested [in the other person].”  Maybe one day Lucas and I will meet Jeff Haden!


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  1. Great information! I’m slowly learning the proper ways to ‘network’. It’s basically getting to know other people at a slow even pace and let them get to know you and you them. That’s what I’m finding. Someone just last night asked about something I offer…and while I didn’t know them well, they were sitting with someone I’ve known for over a year. I told them what I offered, but not in a sales-y type of way, just information.


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