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One Relationship at a Time Builds Business

One Relationship at a Time Builds Business

Do you hoard business cards or work them?
Are you authentically building relationships?
How do you build business one relationship at a time?

Handshake representing One Relationship at a time
One Relationship at a Time Builds Strong Business

One relationship at a time not only builds businesses, but it also creates dynasties!

I was speaking with some one recently who told me that they don’t like networking events. They proceeded to tell me how they feel “slimy” after events and try to forget that it ever happened. Of course this was a great starting point to share the difference between authentic networking and the business card collector type of networking. Which one are you? The tides have turned and one is working much better than others.

One relationship at a time with Authentic Networking:

When someone, regardless of their position in a business, is interested in authentic networking, they are interested in building one relationship at a time. They are truly interested in getting to know the other person, and not sell to them directly. They want to know how they can serve the other person. They don’t pitch anything. They are only sharing – not fishing. If you are interested in learning more about this, there is a great book on Servant Leadership by Robert Greenleaf.

Sales-y Networking is not how you build a strong business one relationship at time:

Have you ever gone somewhere and met a person who is very eager to shake your hand, they tell you what they do,and try to pitch their product of services to you  after they give you their business card? I know when I encounter these folks, I feel like I need a shower immediately!  Too often they don’t ask questions or if they do, they use those words to “push” you.  Then, just as soon as they entered your space, they are gone – like a whirlwind. Do you show up like one of these folks? Let’s hope not!

One relationship at a time in action:

Do you go to events, meet a person, have a quick exchange of words, and then exchange cards? OK, this is pretty common and there is nothing wrong with this.


BRILLIANT BREAKTHROUGHS BIG TIP: Reach out to that person to have a better and deeper conversation so you can learn how to serve them best. NOTE: If you feel comfortable with them. Remember this is all about building authentic relationships!

Yes, you should do this if you are interested in building one relationship at a time! Why? You don’t know who or when your next “one relationship at a time” is going to pay off! Even if they aren’t a direct bulls-eye of an ideal customer for you that’s not an issue. Imagine, what if they happen to be sitting amongst a cluster of YOUR ideal customers? What if their best friend is seeking someone with your expertise? We just don’t know, do we?

Take time to discern who would benefit your business both short and long term. Build relationships with them, one relationship at a time. Keep making favorable impressions with that person throughout the year or years. It always pays off!

Please feel free to comment or share how you build your business one relationship at a time.


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p.s. Once upon a time, a young women went on an interview. She (me) interviewed with the president of this highly success executive recruiting firm. He, John Henkel, hired her and taught her how to build successful business relationships – one relationship at a time! Even though John is now retired and I moved on, I am grateful to him for showing me the importance of conducting good business. Thank you John!


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