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Networking tips for building real relationships

Networking Tips for Building Real Relationship Do you fret networking opportunities? Are you a good networker? Ready for some practical networking tips?   Networking tips are common. But when was the last time you learned networking tips that were actually applicable in a practical manner AND actually worked? For a long time this was the […]

Balancing Professional Activities

   Balancing Professional Activities: Managing Performance of Multiple Jobs Are you finding yourself balancing professional activities? Have you been become a great juggler? How can you make sure you aren’t dropping any balls? Balancing professional activities can become another full-time job for those who are working a full-time job and building their own business after […]

Presentation Performance

                            Presentation Performance Why is presenting in a powerful manner so important? Do you practice your presentation? Are you interested in 20 tips to improve your performance? When was the last time you sat through a presentation and were less than impressed? Probably not too long ago! Isn’t it the worst? A couple of month’s […]

Business Resource: 8 Habits of Remarkably Successful People Article

Your Business Rescue Coach asks You: Are you remarkably successful at what you do? How many habits of success do you master?  Everyone wants to be successful, right? Well, how many people do you know, first-hand, who are truly successful by the standards of many? Why do so many people try, and then fail? Why […]

Business Resource: Is Cost an Issue for Your Customers?

Price Matters. Cost Matters. Profit Matters. How do you figure this out without pulling out all you hair? After just posting (yesterday) some oversimplified information on the best accounting and cost fact-finding, I find this article most fascinating and encourage you to continue your price-cost inquiry further! Jeff Haden, the author of this article I […]