Man in business suit juggling balls to represent balancing professional activities
Balancing professional activities

   Balancing Professional Activities:
Managing Performance of Multiple Jobs

Are you finding yourself balancing professional activities?
Have you been become a great juggler?
How can you make sure you aren’t dropping any balls?

Balancing professional activities can become another full-time job for those who are working a full-time job and building their own business after hours and on the weekend. Jeff Haden offers some very practical advise to assist you through this process if your are doing the ultra-sensitive hire wire act of “balancing professional activities” to launch your own business while collecting a W-2 from an employer.

Why am I writing about balancing professional activities?

This morning a client of mine is in the transitional situation and we developed a strategy to understand what she is doing now (Point A) and where she wants to be within 9 – 12 months (Point B). We found that creating some relevant visuals helped her to understand how this transition will occur through incremental changes. What was her #1 concern? The “how to be effective balancing professional activities for each business’s responsibilities with integrity”.

Have you become a great juggler?

Understanding the “how” is always important. Yet, I always find understanding the “what” is primary to understanding which “how” is most appropriate. After all, each person has a different focus regarding what it is they want to do and why they want to do it. These two points usually determine how to effectively begin balancing professional activities in the most successful manner possible.

Remember: before you get to the how of balancing professional activities, it is good to understand your Point A and Point B, as well as what you are seeking and why.

 Tips to help you not drop any of the balls you are juggling

Jeff Haden, who I first noticed on and then is a great writer with relevant topics and practical tips for you, the Business Leaders who make things happen. I have referenced other articles of his over time because he is a great writer. Recently, I learned Jeff is a prolific ghostwriter and everything made much more sense to me. On his site:  he reveals he has a strong hands on manufacturing management and people management background. Clearly an accomplished guy who is quite humbl e- good for us to remember.

Jeff Haden’s , article I’d like to share with you is: “Starting a business while you work for others“. I share Jeff’s article because I couldn’t say it any better if this is your situation (and I coach people through this transition)! Also, if you already own your business, I strongly encourage you to read these tips and remember to re-implement them into your business activities again. Most likely they are what helped you become the rising star you are. Why not utilize them to boost your business’s performance again?

Click here to review Jeff Haden’s article: “Starting a business while you work for others

There are some simple tips in this article. Which tip do you think will create the most impact for you over the next couple of months if you consistently practice it? (Feel free to make a comment and inspire others.)


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