Presentation Performance

Winning Presentation Tips
Winning Presentation Tips

Why is presenting in a powerful manner so important?
Do you practice your presentation?
Are you interested in 20 tips to improve your performance?

When was the last time you sat through a presentation and were less than impressed? Probably not too long ago! Isn’t it the worst? A couple of month’s ago, I sat through a day of some of the worst presentations I’ve ever seen! I couldn’t believe I was watching tenured professionals read their slides right off the screen, validating they were the “experts of ums”, and even worse, I had the unnerving experience of watching someone’s backside for their whole presentation!

Presenting powerfully matters

Presenting gives you the opportunity to highlight/showcase your expertise in your marketplace. Make sure you are speaking to your marketplace – presentations are much more effective if you are wisdom-sharing with your Ideal Customers.

Powerful presenters conduct themselves in a professional manner (not necessarily straight-laced, but professional). They practice their presentation prior to offering it. They know what they are going to say and when, especially if technology doesn’t work. Great presenters are mindful of your time. Profession presenters (which can be anyone) are powerful because they find a way for you, the audience, to be interested and engaged. Professionals leave you with at least one good take-away.

How many times do you practice your presentation?

Remember that old adage: “practice makes perfect”? This one is valid 🙂 Practicing a presentation is similar to editing a writing. Do you practice – more than once? How about 5 -10 times? What about 25 times? My experience has been that if a presentation is practiced 30 times prior to delivery, it will flow like it’s a fireside chat! Regardless of size or magnitude, I practice all my presentations at least 30 times. This is probably why I’m accused of having great eye contact and my audience comments about feeling like we were in a one-to-one conversation. If you want to appear as an authority of what you’re saying, practice it 30 times and it will be polished nicely!

20 tips to improve your presentation performance

Curious what the pros are saying? Click here: 20 public speaking tips from the Best TED Talks is an article written by Jeff Haden. Jeff not only shares the 20 tips, he also includes a TED Talk (about 20 minutes each) for you to observe the specific tip while learning something in an enjoyable manner. WARNING: I will only take partial credit if you turn into a TED Talks junkie 🙂  This is great stuff and the topics are quite varied. Have a blast learning from some of the best presenters as you watch their awesome presentations! And, remember: Practice, Practice, Practice, and then practice your presentation even more 🙂

Maggie’s curious: Which presentation tip is the one you want to focus on? Please feel free to share in the comment section so we can learn from each other!


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  1. I rarely practice out loud…I do so in my head. 25 times!!! Sorry, I get bored too easily. 1 or 2 times is enough. I like the flexibility of winging it. Practice does help and should be encouraged but over practice is like having too many chefs in the kitchen!

    I do agree that many so called experts aren’t.

    1. Glad to hear you practice. Thanks for your candor! You said what many entrepreneurs say. Remember: this is YOUR Time to showcase your capabilities to attract more business, if you are attracting what you want, don’t change a thing! To address your “winging it”… But if not, you might want to practice a little more.Actually I have found that the more I practice, the more I am able to wing it effortlessly and in a way that appears as if is was always as intended to be so… thus, the “expert” experience. Also, I’d like to invite you to consider, if you’re getting bored easily, why not spice it up by switching up your presentation style or content? If you do this, you might be more jazzed-up to share and your presentations may be even more inspiring than they already are! Just a little food for thought! … to improved performance 🙂

  2. I would like to add this too… in general about “presenting.”

    I was just watching a five minute video on a lady’s website. Her main talk was on spirituality and money/success. The picture on her website was a beautiful woman, with make up and hair done. She was wearing jewelry. She wore the right colors that complimented her skin tone. She looked really professional and “up scale.”

    I was quite shocked when I saw her in the video. She did not look anything like her picture on the webpage. I had to look two or three times to realize that it was same person.

    She had some weird background that was not professional. Her hair was flat and it looked like she had no makeup on…AND it looked like she had on a Tshirt or something that was not flattering.

    This is how it struck me…. that she WAS NOT successful her self and she was trying to promote her services of success and abundance.

    What just struck me now was this: Maybe she accidentally posted the wrong video. Maybe the one I saw was her practice video?

    Needles to say…. we need to watch out for these things when presenting in any form. She must have lost a lot of clients by posting that video.


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