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The 5 Roles all Small Business Owners must Cultivate

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Essentially, there’s 5 Roles every Small Business needs to be successful! Time to get busy.

The 5 Roles all Small Business Owners
must Cultivate
(Conclusion to this 6-part Series)

All Small Business Owners need to cultivate these 5 roles to successfully grow their business: Teams, Customers, Guidance Team, Networking Hubs, and Business Allies. Each relationship has a different function in your business’s success.

Many businesses don’t understand the power of developing these essential roles. This strategy accelerates a business’s potential. It took me almost a decade to understand the power of Business Allies.

You heard correctly! I had inaccurately believed that good content and offerings alone would build a successful empire. No one was talking about the power of networking hubs and business allies 10-15 years ago. It wasn’t part of a Small Business Owners’ job description. 

FACT: Today it’s highly unusual to create a successful and thriving business unless you are cultivating each of the 5 Roles.

We started this blogpost series to introduce you to this comprehensive strategy. Here’s the 5 types of people you need to have ongoing relationships. Click on the below links. Each link will take you to the blogpost to learn more about the specific role.

The 5 Roles all Small Business Owners must Cultivate:

  • Team: Either in-house or external (outsourced) or a combination of the two
  • Customer: Actual paying customers or potential customers (prospects)
  • Guidance Team: Mentors/Advisors/Coaches
  • Networking Hubs: These are people of influence who connect you to the right folks
  • Business Allies: Other folks who can help you expand your business (Joint Venture Partners, etc.)

~The above is an excerpt from Chapter 1 of Brilliant Breakthroughs for the Small Business Owner (Vol. 1).

YOUR Action Items:

Your task to accomplish cultivating each role is very pragmatic.

  • Read each blogpost to further understand the purpose of each role.
  • Create a list of people you already know who would be great in the different roles.
  • conduct conversations to verify they are appropriate for that specific role.
  • If so, invite them to this new role. 
  • Start developing (cultivating) this relationship. 
  • Reciprocate with whatever will benefit them the most.
  • Continue to categorize your business relationships into these 5 roles.
  • Send them appreciation to solidify the relationship. 
  • Repeat!


This is a strategy (plan or Right Thoughts). Follow your right thoughts by tactics (Right Actions). This will accelerate your business’s visibility and growth. The key is for you to make sure you are regularly taking right actions to build these key relationships. 

What step are you going to take next? Feel free to share your plans here in the comment section. 

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