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1 Tip for Developing Relationships to Grow Business

Developing Relationships is illustrated by image of tractor partnering to bring in the harvest.
Farmers are great role models for Business Owners. Farmers master developing relationships to attain a great harvest!

Developing Relationships with Customers
to Grow YOUR Business

Have you ever been impressed with good service?
Are you developing relationships with your customers?
Why do you support certain businesses?

Developing Relationships to grow YOUR Business is essential. Yet this is often over-looked by many small business owners! YOUR Business’s Performance depends upon you developing relationships with customers, prospects, suppliers/vendors, peers, allies, and your virtual followers. If YOUR Business was assessed today, what do you think the score would be?

Developing Relationships:
Our Recent Car Repair Story

My husband and I just had a car in the shop for repairs this past week for a drive-ability issue, which only occurred when the vehicle was turning. The shop owner called me because he couldn’t replicate the issue to properly diagnose the repair.

We discussed precisely what it takes to make this “sound” issue occur. It took him a couple of days to get this intermittent situation to occur. It finally did. He called us at 6:30 on a Saturday night to share he replicated it and repaired it. He also revealed he took care of something else he noticed.

We have a long standing customer-business relationship with this garage owner. He told us we could come and pick the car up over the weekend. Then “Sometime during the week, stop in and pay the bill.” He had the car for 5 days and knew I needed it as soon as possible.

We were in awe with his generous offer and gladly accepted. After we concluded the conversation, my husband said, “Why don’t you make him some cookies as a “thank you?” To which I responded, “Yes! I’ll gladly do that and deliver them when I make the payment.”

If you had a repair pro like this, would you go anywhere else? We don’t! His and his business’s focus is on Customer Service. FYI: Customers will gladly wait to be served by this shop because he and his work are exceptional. Thanks Tony of M&L Auto for taking care of us in such a grand way!

#1 Tip for Developing Relationships
to Grow YOUR Business

Always make it about service! It doesn’t matter who you are speaking with – make it about service. Always ask yourself, “How can I serve them to accomplish their goal?” Then act accordingly!

Don’t make it about hobnobbing, money, or your gain.
Make it all about them.

Don’t make it about money, hob-nobbing, or self-serving. Invest yourself into developing relationships with endless possibilities. You never know what might happen next.

When you meet someone, do you make the conversation all about them or you?

TIP: Take the time to know “other”. You already know yourself. Learn the other. Learn how you can serve them best. Explore possibilities of your relationship. Are you compatible? Are YOUR Business’s Visions and Missions similar or complimentary? Is there synergy between you two?

Be the farmer who plants fields full of seeds in spring – trusting in the future. The farmer nurtures his land, seeds, and livestock. He is always developing relationships trusting in the future. Knowing harvest comes in many shapes and sizes, but always with nurturing and time.

Please feel free to comment or ask questions on anything you’d like. I’ll be happy to wisdom-share with you!

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