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Networking Hubs Efficiently Grow Your Business

Small Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. Networking Hubs illustrated by a bicycle's hub and spokes.
Networking Hubs are the most efficient and effective way to network.

Networking Hubs Efficiently
Grow YOUR Business

Do you have networking hubs to build stronger relationships in your marketplace? Networking hubs aren’t a new concept, but you might not be familiar with the term nor the power they create to efficiently grow your business’s reach. Ultimately boosting YOUR Business’s Growth!

A networking hub is different than the typical 1-1 networking. It’s about creating relationships with specific people who are already connected to Your Ideal Customers. 

Think of a bicycle wheel. In the center of the wheel is a hub where all the spokes converge. Think of the hub and each one of the spokes as a networking opportunity. Would it make more sense to cultivate a relationship with the 1 hub that has strong relationship and influence with all the spokes or to cultivate relationship with each spoke? Simplicity indicates: working the hub is the better option.

Why create networking hubs?

A person who is a networking hub already has themselves positioned in relationship with YOUR Ideal Customers. They are serving them for a different aspect or need, but nonetheless, they are in regular communication with YOUR Ideal Customers.

Wouldn’t it make sense to cultivate 5-10 networking hubs (networking partners) who are in direct contact with your peeps? Building relationship with 5-10 people is much more manageable than building relationships with hundreds of 1-1 conversations. It’s really just a matter of math. Additionally, it’s easier to nurture 5-10 relationships than 100 relationships.

NOTE: The customers or people your hubs are in relationship with are already paying for some type of service. They will pay for another. (This is one of those things that Small Business Owners sometimes forget – a good customer is one who can pay their bills.)

Last, there is another important reason to begin cultivating relationships with networking hubs. Hubs become your external marketing team. When they share your services with others, they are your social proof. There isn’t a pitch, which we have all become allergic to in this century. There’s only recommendations and encouragement. This means the probability of your offering being purchased is greater.

Networking Hubs are 1 of the 5 Roles You must Cultivate

We started this blogpost series to ensure you are aware of the players you need to effectively support YOUR Business. Let’s see if we can help you gain clarity as to the 5 types of people you need to have ongoing relationships with to grow your business.

The 5 Roles all Small Business Owners must Cultivate

  • Team: Either in-house or external (outsourced) or a combination of the two
  • Customer: Actual paying customers or potential customers (prospects)
  • Guidance Team: Mentors/Advisors/Coaches
  • Networking Hubs: These are people of influence who connect you to the right folks
  • Business Allies: Other folks who can help you expand your business (Joint Venture Partners, etc.)

~The above is an excerpt from Chapter 1 of Brilliant Breakthroughs for the Small Business Owner (Vol. 1).

NOTE: Business Allies are the next post. You can also review the previous posts to learn more by click on the link in The 5 Roles section above.

YOUR Networking Hubs Development:

Be wise as you start to transition from 1-1 networking to hub networking.

“The true value of networking doesn’t come from how many people we can meet but rather how many people we can introduce to others.” ~Simon Sinek

REMEMBER: Don’t simply drop your 1-1. Simply shift who you are do your 1-1 with as you move forward with your networking. Instead of settling for whomever and hoping to see if they may be a fit or know anyone, see who is already serving YOUR Ideal Customers and mutually refer strong  leads to one another.

Who is waiting for you to become a networking partner?  What can you do right now to secure a relationship that will benefit your business? Feel free to share your plans here in the comment section. 

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