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Defining purpose keeps your business on track

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Are you defining purpose for your business and your brands?

Defining purpose keeps your business on track

Defining purpose is the key for understanding what you have created as a business or brand. The clarity provided by defining your purpose helps you position your marketing message to powerfully attract the right customers. Last, it assists customers to understand what you offer and how it can serve them.

Why do I want to bring up defining purpose now?  

Yesterday I sat with a new client who showed me his vision of his business. He’s been tinkering with different parts of it for years. Right before we met, he had it crystalize. 

He was elated that he could finally see how everything connected (and it did). There were 4 key components and then each one of them had several key offerings.  

He became so excited in all the details of the flow and shared for about 15 minutes. My head started hurting. Why? He didn’t have the purpose of the key components defined. 

Without defining the purpose for each brand, he was talking all over the place. Without knowing the purpose of the brand, I didn’t know how it could benefit anyone. Further, I didn’t know how potential customers would value it and want to purchase it. 

What I just described is a common occurrence with Small Business Owners. Is this you too? If you want to grow your business, you need to be right on getting this purpose thing right.

Defining YOUR Business’s or Brand’s Purpose is Essential

Without defining purpose of your business or brand, there isn’t a foundational understanding as to why it exists. If you don’t know why it exists, you can’t explain it concisely. Knowing purpose assists you in being able to briefly explain “what” you have created. 

Having the purpose dialed-in helps you write hot copy to attract your ideal customers. If you don’t know why your brand or business exists, you don’t know how to effectively express it. FYI: This happens all the time with either new businesses or tenured businesses who are pivoting their focus.

Last, if you don’t know the purpose and express it to attract customers, how will potential customers know “why” they should give you their hard-earned cash?  

I’ve written about why defining purpose is crucial for business success. It helps people, mostly you, take the first steps to understand the game you are playing. 

Here’s a Small Business Owner’s common example:

You’re building out the copy for your website. (This one happens all the time.) You write your heart out and you send your copy to your coach to see if you get their approval. You don’t share what the purpose of that page’s copy is designed to accomplish. 

Your coach sees it and says it’s “good”. You post it. You don’t get the results you seek because you didn’t tell your coach the purpose of the copy so they could assess if it’s effective or not.

This happens to me all the time when clients send me copy to review. Until I know the purpose of that copy, I can’t confirm if it’s effective or ineffective. Even though I ask them to send me the purpose of the copy at the top of it (so I know how to properly access it), they don’t.

To serve them best, I always have to ask for the purpose. They get frustrated with me for doing this. Yet, they know the value of this and usually rewrite it before they send it over again.

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Slowing down to define YOUR Business’s Purpose and/or YOUR Brand’s Purpose will accelerate your success! If you are seriously committed to great profit, read the above posts and get busy implementing what matters!

Out of the 5 other blogposts, which one provided you the greatest awareness? Feel free to share your a-ha in the comment section. 

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