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A Dog’s Purpose: Business Movie Review

Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. A Dog's Purpose Movie Poster with the Main Character teaching us what purpose is all about.
A Dog’s Life demonstrates the power Small Business Owners have over their business. Image: & Amblin Entertainment

A Dog’s Purpose movie teaches business strategies of Customer Service, Continuous Improvement, & Loyalty

A Dog’s Purpose (2017) movie is a family movie. There are endless life lessons avail for our youth, teens, and adults about living, living well, and loss. The plot is one that moves you through different phases and challenges of life in a beautiful and relevant fashion.

A Dog’s Purpose is one of the most enlightening movies to reveal how there are many different journey’s throughout one’s life and all are enriching. I don’t want to share any spoilers here. Just make time to watch it! There are at least a handful of business strategies revealed in this movie to improve Business Performance, here’s Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc’s Top 3 Strategies to infuse into YOUR Business.

A Dog’s Purpose Business Strategy #1
Customer Service

The main character, a dog name Bailey, understands that his primary responsibility is to serve his master. Bailey understands that if he serves his master in the fashion his master wants to be served, he is successful. He learned what each one of his masters wanted and delivered it. He also learns this is not circumstantial. It’s an always.

As a Small Business Owner (SBO) is your customer service your primary focus?

If not, it should be. The purpose of having a business is to serve customers and receive a reward (sales and referrals) for our exceptional service. If you don’t have enough customers, your sales aren’t robust, or you’re lacking referrals, watch the whole movie through the lens of customer service and it will reveal many secrets to you!

A Dog’s Purpose Business Strategy #2
Continuous Improvement

Bailey had many different masters throughout the movie. He had to figure out how to improve “being a dog” with each master. If Bailey were a SBO, I’d say he was mastering his craft (expertise). The exploration of needs and wants is endless and demands are always changing in business. Being able to learn, explore, and adapt are essential to success and longevity.

What are you doing to keep YOUR Services and YOUR Business relevant in YOUR Marketplace?

Are you, and YOUR Business, in a constant state of continuous improvement? Hope so! Even the United States Post Office, which ruled it’s market for decades, has learned to adapt to serve its customers. Continuous improvement requires you to be action oriented – to be in a constant role as “The Super Sleuth” of YOUR Business. Forget your pride while investigating. You will be much more effective if you realize you’ll win bigger each time you find more to improve.

A Dog’s Purpose Business Strategy #3
Loyalty (After all, it’s a movie about a dog!)
(A Marine’s Take…)

The Marine (my husband) was amazed by the main characters’ loyalty. Why wouldn’t a Marine appreciate loyalty? He was amazed with the unwavering loyalty that runs so deep. When Bailey gave his master’s friend a lesson in the parking lot, he was recognized for being a good dog to his master. Regardless of the circumstance, Bailey was dedicated to his master and endured whatever was necessary.

How unwavering is YOUR Loyalty to YOUR Business?

That’s right, YOUR Loyalty. As a Master Business Coach I see far too many SBOs walk away from the “hard stuff” of conducting business and business ownership. This is hard to watch. Too many SBO give up. Typically they are unknowingly giving up in an incremental manner.  Do you say, “I’ll get to that” or “That isn’t necessary” or “I don’t want to do that”? These are wavering commitment statements. YOUR Business needs YOU actively engaged. If you don’t, there is no business. Don’t give up – outsource what you can’t or won’t do. Keep the faith and show up as a loyal servant of YOUR Business.

Which one of the Business Strategies from A Dog’s Purpose would serve YOUR Business best right now?


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