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Kept Commitments Easily Builds Customers Trust

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Looking to get more customers? Focus on your kept commitments.

Kept Commitments Easily Build Customer Trust

Kept commitments are essential to Small Business Growth. There’s something amazing that happens when people keep their promise – other people automatically trust them.

Not only do potential customers trust your more, they trust you without hesitation!

“Stand up for what’s right, in small matters and large one,
and always do what you promise.”
~Reuben Marck, Chairman & CEO, Colgate-Palmolive

This topic never goes out of style. That’s why I decided to revise this blogpost from 2014. We brushed it off and shined it up for you!

Brilliant Breakthroughs Big Question:
Are you someone who make promises?

Kept commitments is the quickest way to build trust with anyone. This works particularly well with customers.

There are many ways we diminish trust. One of the most common is the unkept promise.

In business, promises or keeping commitments shows up in many ways: contracts, purchases, creating appointments, deadlines, in the moment comments, etc. Each are commitments you are expected to deliver once you agree to them.

The Perception of Kept Commitments

Recently I was sitting with several business acquaintances and one of them was telling another person that I was “so dang punctual”. I took that as a great compliment because to me that is definitely a sign of keeping commitments. Better yet, it was noticed!

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? Guess what happened next?

The guy who heard this kindly looked at me and smiled. Then he proceed to tell me I missed an appointment I had scheduled with him earlier that same week!!!

Imagine, there I was, with one complimenting me and another expressing I had blipped on the radar screen.

In almost the same breath I was accepting a great acknowledgement and simultaneously dying a thousand deaths for missing an appointment (which I thought was the following week)! In that moment, in front of everyone I apologized.

I owned all of it and met with the gent the following week. It was important for me to own all my stuff – even the unusual circumstances.

I was grateful that this was not a pattern. I appreciated the fact I have a solid  relationship of trust with this gent and it still continues today!

What’s YOUR track record of kept commitments?

Do people identify your kept commitments because you show up on time, come prepared, and deliver what you promised?

How are you at keeping commitments regarding your business relationship (keeping appointments to appropriately develop your business)?

How are you at keeping commitments to your own self?

What about keeping commitments in your social circles – family and friends?

Tips to create kept commitments (via Stephen M. R. Covey):

◊ Say what you’re going to do, then do what you say you’re going to do.
◊ Make commitments carefully and keep them.
◊ Make keeping commitments the symbol of your honor.
◊ Don’t break confidences.
◊ Don’t attempt to “PR” your way on of a commitment you’ve broken.”
   (Source: “Speed of Trust” book by Covey & Merrill, 2006, p. 221)

Please feel free to share in the comment section which one, or two, of the Tips to create Kept Commitment you’ll  adopt to support YOUR Business Success.


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