June 2


Book: The Speed of Trust, Covey and Merrill, 2006

I like this book sooooooo much 🙂 The Speed of Trust is the One Thing that Changes Everything!

There isn’t much more to say than read it. It will change how you look at all your relationships (people, money, your business, etc.). The book explains why and how crucial it is to make daily deposits or investments in the your relationship. Additionally, it explains how simply this can be done on a daily basis. This book is a New York Times BestSeller and assures you it is by starting out fully loaded with 11 pages of nothing but Kudos to Covey and Merrill for their outstanding work!

I believe that this research is extremely relevant for today’s marketplace. It is one of the competitive advantages to owning your marketplace. I find the book’s material so relevant that some of the material in this book is the foundation for two of the chapters in my upcoming book.

Additionally, this book supports the belief I hold that “business is nothing more than conversations and relationships”. Of course the conversations and relationships tend to be about a particular topic (needs and solutions of product and service offerings). That’s it, nothing more. If you can have a relationship with an animal or another human, you can build business relationships… with a little help, at the Speed of Trust .

This is a definite must read~
The Business Rescue Coach, Maggie Mongan
Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.


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