January 20


Helping Customers Always Get What They Want

Helping Customers is not easy at times, Illustrated by the word "Care" with other words inside of the letters.
Helping Customers grow to fulfill their dreams isn’t always easy work!

Helping Customers Get What They Want:
Even when they don’t want to!

Helping Customers get what they want is not always easy. Even more so when they ask you to help them with something they want, which takes them to uncharted territory! Do your customers ask you to help them “stretch”?

This stretching thing is a big part of why people work with me. I help Business Owners design their Business Vision and then the strategies and simplified actions to actualize their vision.When they ask me to coach them it is because they’ve tried different approaches and aren’t getting the results they seek. For some it is about learning what to do or how to do it. For others it is learning how to get out of their own way!

Currently I am working with two gents who are finally allowing their coach to “coach” them! It’s pretty cool. For such a long time they had great ideas and wouldn’t progress. Why? Their mind kept getting snagged in a loop. A loop of old unproductive patterns of thoughts and behaviors which were counterproductive to their success. 

Witnessing this is one of the hardest things to do as a coach. To allow them to do it, repeatedly, so they finally see it for the truth it is. Then they can own their truth and make a choice. What excites me is that specific moment of “self-awareness and ownership”. In that moment clients understand it’s time for a change and will do what is necessary to make their change happen.

That magical moment has just occurred for each of these gents and they are already off to creating some wonderful things to get them closer to their goal! What was their defining moment? Finances and realizing they aren’t serving the cause they set out to serve.

Do you live outside of your comfort zone to serve YOUR Customers best?

NOTE: Click here to learn more about being Customer Obsessive.

We are all in the Business of Helping Customers
get what they want!

Too often we don’t see ourselves as helping customers achieve their goals and dreams. When we stretch our clients into the reality they seek, we are stretched too! As service providers, Business Owners need to learn simplified and better ways to help customers achieve their goals and dreams. They need you to guide them where they cannot go alone. If you aren’t interested in stretching your professionalism and expertise level, you won’t be in business much longer.

Customer appreciation starts with how you serve your customers. They deserve your best. Are you giving them your best when they come to you for service

Are you helping customers gain all they desire?
If so, everyone wins!

Please ask questions or share what you are doing to help customers in the comments section please. We are here to help you Step-Up to accomplish YOUR Business Goals.


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