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Developing your customer as yours

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What step are you missing for developing your customer effectively?

Developing your customer
as yours

Small Business Owners, you need to understand the importance of developing your customer as your own – one at a time. When you do this, you create your own marketplace of loyal customers. They will repeatedly purchase from you and refer you all the time. It’s like creating your own marketing team – without having to pay them 🙂 This type of business success is priceless and possible for every Small Business.

Everyone wants to know how you can develop your customers. It isn’t too difficult. 

SBOs, remember your job is to earn their business.

Many Small Business Owners (SBOs) roll their eyes when I say this. Just because you commonly hear this doesn’t mean it is understood. I assure you it is applied even less than it is understood. I know I can always improve upon this – everyone can and should.

5 Steps to Developing Your Customer

1: Communicate with probable purchasers.
2: Create an offering they want and need.
3: Deliver “the wow”, with your offering.
4: Follow-up with additional conversations. 
5: Surprise them!

Remember: Steps 4 and 5 are very important to assure repeat business and loyal customers who rave about you! This is where your competitors won’t show up like they should. If you do, future business is yours.

Now at first this appears too basic. Doesn’t it?  Yet, if we would start to discuss each one of these steps, you’d be in a 5 day training. So let’s over-simplify this again.

Developing Your Customer TIP

Communicate. Communicate with them on an ongoing basis. Support them with what matters to them. When you know what’s important to them, you show up in their world. It doesn’t matter if it’s in-person or virtually, just communicate with them. 

BONUS: Communicate with probable purchasers 1-1 if at all possible. Why? It’s easy to click delete. We all like to feel we are important or special. When someone personally speaks to you, it’s more difficult for them to say “no” to whatever you are inviting them.

NOTE: We started this series with the blogpost: People, not money, makes the world go around

Why? People, including you, are the most important asset in Your Business. Below are the 5 Roles of different people for you master developing strong relationships with to secure YOUR Business Growth. The next 3 posts will be about your Guidance Team, Networking Hubs, and Business Allies. We really want to make sure you understand the power of people.

The 5 Roles all Small Business Owners must Cultivate

  • TeamEither in-house or external (outsourced) or a combination of the two
  • Customer: Actual paying customers or potential customers (prospects)
  • Guidance Team: Mentors/Advisors/Coaches
  • Networking Hubs: These are people of influence who connect you to the right folks
  • Business Allies: Other folks who can help you expand your business (Joint Venture Partners, etc.)

~The above is an excerpt from Chapter 1 of Brilliant Breakthroughs for the Small Business Owner (Vol. 1).

Do you communicate  enough with your probable customers and your customers? What can you do to better develop your customer? Feel free to share your plans here in the comment section. 

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