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Are you turning down opportunities which could bring you great gain?

Turning down opportunities –
should you?

Are you turning down opportunities that could put your business on the fast track? Often, Small Business Owners don’t understand the power of saying “Yes!” to gain more visibility. Even though your “Yes!” may stretch you, YOUR Business will be glad you did it!

What is your first response when opportunities present themselves? Is it to immediately say “Yes” or “No”? Maybe you say, “Can I get back to you?”

Varied opportunities create different options

There is a multitude of variation when it comes to opportunities. Each one will require a different level of activity from you. Some include attending a networking event or convention. You may be invited to present on your topic. Other opportunities could include: being interviewed on a podcast, collaborating in a summit, or being invited to guest blog.

The good news? The possibilities are endless to showcase YOUR Expertise and the awesome YOUR Business provides.

Back to the question: Do you have a standard answer that immediately comes out of your mouth?

If so, consider a new approach: Contemplate. 

Contemplate if turning down the opportunity will advance your business and message? It is important to assess if opportunities are going to keep you on track and bring you more visibility and customers. While also determining if it will take you down a different path that isn’t aligned with your overall business goals.

Just because an opportunity is new and different, doesn’t automatically disqualify it. Additionally, there are times when an opportunity will appear while you’re working on a special project. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should be turning down opportunities. It means you need to contemplate if it is going to benefit YOUR Long-term Business Goals.

The timing of opportunities

Additionally, you need to be wise with planning your workday flow. Can you commit to delivering this opportunity in a good way? Will it only require you make a short-term adjustment to your schedule or not? The other side of the equations is: will it take you so far off your game that it will be too difficult to stay on track? 

NOTE: There is no right answer. The answer is circumstantial. You need to assess each new opportunity on an individual basis.

I admit I was turning down opportunities when I probably shouldn’t have. I also accepted some I shouldn’t have. Undeniably, it’s a learning process.

CAUTION: Don’t turn down the opportunity because it’s different, new, or will involve extra work. Typically accept them when they are in alignment with creating additional visibility for YOUR Business AND are within YOUR Marketplace.

REMEMBER: YOUR Business needs you to shine and share YOUR Your Solution with YOUR Marketplace. Accept and decline opportunities which appropriately advance YOUR Business.

Do you have a specific go no-go factor you consider when RSVPing to opportunities? Feel free to share your tweak in the comment section. 

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