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Do you keep commitments? If not, here’s a technique for you.

Keep commitments strong to achieve

“Keep Commitments” sure seems like it would be a great motto for the month of January. Have you make a recent commitment?

Your commitment needs to stay strong if you want to achieve your goal. When you start something new, how difficult is if for you to keep committed? When do your actions start to wobble?

For most people it seems to come sometime after the first big hurdle is overcome. Small Business Owners (SBOs) aren’t any different. It takes oodles of guts to do something new. All SBOs understand stepping into new usually supports their Small Business’s Performance.

Big or small, easy or difficult, personal or professional, the behavior of SBOs isn’t any different when it comes to making change.

I’m sure you’ve seen the statistics about resolutions failing. Depending upon which research you read it’s between 84-86% of resolutions fail.

Why is it hard to keep commitments?

Commitments usually require change. Change in one’s thoughts and behaviors. Instead of creating a preferred action, it may require more discipline to create a preferred outcome. 

A majority of humans will avoid change – no matter how badly they want it. If one can move beyond the discipline to make better choices, it’s the emotional and mental game which usually keeps them from achieving. Many things interfere on a subtle level. Common examples are fear of failure or success, self-doubt, or lack of inspiration.

What fuels you to keep your commitments?

Right thoughts and right actions are essential to achieving one’s commitment. However, what do you do when it’s tough to stay on course? What may be more powerful than sheer discipline? 

Purpose. Purpose is the reason you do what you do. If you’re trying to lose weight, your commitment isn’t to drop X pounds. Your commitment is to the vision you have of living differently once those pounds are released. If you’re committed to generating more sales, your goal is X dollars more; however, your goal exists because there’s a reason you want to achieve it – YOUR Purpose.

Staying true to YOUR Purpose supports you in keeping YOUR Commitments.

Lead yourself and YOUR Business in the direction you prefer. When it gets tough to make the necessary changes to achieve your dream, remember YOUR Purpose. Stay true to it. Continue to envision it. Stay strong. Shine brightly!

Want to jump-start YOUR Right Thoughts & Right Actions?

Gift YOUR Business and yourself by clicking YOUR NO-cost Consultation with Maggie for a mini-laser coaching session on this topic. This could be the one thing you do to get you over the hump that’s snagging YOUR Business from living into its potential.

Even if you don’t reach out for help, know it’s essential for YOU to do this for YOUR Business’s Success. Either way, get busy and create YOUR Brilliant Breakthroughs yourself!

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p.s.: Keep it simple – keep commitments which support the business and life you choose to achieve.

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