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Winging It isn’t a good small business strategy at all

Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. Article on how Winging It is a bad strategy for Small Business Owners.
Eagles Soar- they’re designed for winging it. Small Business Owners aren’t- quit trying to work it.

Winging It – not the best business strategy – especially for small business

WARNING: When you’re winging it, you look really bad! People see right through that in an instant.

Once you wing it, you set up yourself and YOUR Business Performance to fail – big time.

Why? People immediately notice when you come unprepared. In business, this is lethal.

Here’s how winging it looks in small business

Recently I met with someone who wanted me to purchase his product.

It was clear he decided to come into our meeting unprepared.

He stated, “I left my laptop at home because I was running out of time and I didn’t want to take the time to pack it up. So I’ll just tell you about this instead of sharing my presentation.”

Then he repeatedly shot himself in the foot when he kept saying, “I have a really great slide for this, but I’ll just tell what I remember.”

He went through his very disjointed and less than impactful presentation. It was painful to witness.

It was a waste of both our times.

Then he went in for the close, “I know you want to buy this unique product and I’m ready to sell it to you today.”

Really? He clearly wasn’t ready to sell it to me. He came into our meeting completely unprepared.

When did he lose the sale by winging it?

Right here: “I was running out of time and I didn’t want to take the time to pack it up. So I’ll just tell you about this instead…”

He revealed to me:

  • didn’t want to take the time to pack up what he needed
    (he chose not to be effective and disrespectful to me and my time)
  • he’ll just tell me about it, according to what he remembers, instead of presenting
    (this isn’t a soft selling technique – it’s sloppy and lazy)
  • running late
    (it happens, but it only confirmed he wasn’t committed to performing well when he added this to his other statements)
  • “I’m ready to sell it to you today”
    (everything I experienced dictated the exact opposite)

He lost my sale because winging it is his normal mode of operation. He demonstrated how we would take care of me as a customer and it wasn’t favorable!

NOTE: This is different than improvising when technology doesn’t work during a presentation or other unique circumstances out of our control.

When you’re winging it, you don’t look like you had an intention or purpose of showing up to add value in the first place.

Additionally, winging it doesn’t work in your favor – you don’t convert prospects into customers, people into followers, nor gain raving fans. In fact, you acquire something very different.

When winging it, you lose credibility in your marketplace.

Follow-up to winging it sales pitch

One last thing; a little further in conversation I asked this gent how his business was performing. He told me that he had an extremely low conversion rate and couldn’t figure out why since he had a great product.

I asked him if he wanted some feedback. He did. I shared with him how winging it was detrimental to his success.

He told me, “I thought I looked like a pro when I’m winging it.”

I explained that is an old salesmen’s myth and helped him debunk it right on the spot. Emphasizing that him focusing on the purpose of each meeting is crucial for him to prepare appropriately. He was quite appreciative for the performance insights.

REMEMBER: By taking the time to prepare for each meeting or conversation, you and YOUR Business Performance win. You automatically look like a professional. It’s a simple and powerful step to add to your routine.


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