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Do you know why your customers love you?

Why your customers love you illustrated by a bee flying and just about to land on the center of a big yellow sunflower's center.
Are your customers attracted to you like bees to vibrant flowers? Do YOUR Customers Love YOU?

Do you know why YOUR Customers
love YOU?

Figuring out why YOUR Customers love YOU isn’t as easy as it first appears. Is it the colors in your hair or the perfume that you wear? (Yes, I’ve been listening to Rod Stewart lately.) All the experts talk about the importance of creating raving and praising customers. This makes sense and logically would improve YOUR Business’s Performance, wouldn’t it? Then everyone should be able to undeniably state why their customers love them. But they don’t and can’t. Why? It’s not as easy as it sounds!

This learning “why your customers love you” thing can be much deeper than it appears. I assure you that if you think you can determine this in 15 minutes or even an hour, you are missing the true golden nuggets. If you conclude this discovery process too soon, you will short-change YOUR Business considerably. If you do this quickly, you will get OK sounding validation, but not the GOLDEN nuggets.

How do you discover “Why YOUR Customers Love YOU”?
These 5 Steps Unearth YOUR Awesomeness!

To really explore what golden nuggets you naturally deliver, ask the following questions, BUT don’t move onto the next one until you have a thorough answer. Give your raving customers time to be with each of these so they share their biggest and shiniest nuggets.

  1. Why they love/appreciate you and/or your offering?
  2. What you opened their eyes or mind to know/experience?
  3. What did you do that surprised them or was totally unexpected?
  4. What they appreciated the most while working with you?
  5. What was the one thing that really impacted them the most?

BONUS: Often times when you are with your customers, they will share nuggets with you that often go unnoticed. Start listening for these and write them down. Examples: “Every time…” “You always…” “Wow! …” “That was unexpected…” “I never thought/knew that…”

The Endless Value of Mastering this Process:

This discovery process is very humbling and inspiring. Reviewing these when you’re needing a puppy-upper will be serve you well!

You need to stand out from the others, who appear to be doing what you are doing, to the potential customer. The only way they are going to know why they should choose you and your offering over another is by first acquiring these great comments of why your customers love you and then converting them into raving fan comments and testimonials for others to see.

If you don’t do the work, you will have vanilla flavored comments to share with the world during your self-promotion activities. If you go through this 5 step process, you will have golden nuggets that others (your customers) are sharing with your potential clients. Would you rather have vanilla or gold? Wouldn’t you rather allow others to share the awesome experience they had with you and YOUR Business? I assure you, this will improve YOUR Business Success. And this is why I am in the middle of this process right now for my own business. Watch out world raving review are coming to a website near you!

What’s holding you back from discovery why your customers love you and implementing this over the next 30 days? Share your answer in the comment section and I’ll reply.


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p.s. Sharing why your customers love you isn’t anything shameful to share with your marketplace. In fact, it’s expected.

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  1. Just an observation, if you can get out your cell phone and capture them sharing those five things, you will have a priceless customer testimonial that you can share with your other customers or potential customers. Priceless. Another great blog post. Thank you!

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