March 6


Time can be a Small Business Owner’s Friend

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Small Business Owners learning how to get time on their side with this technique.

Time, it really can become YOUR Small Business’s Friend

Time comes and goes – there is only an instant of time in any one moment. Small Business Owners know timing is crucial to their business’s success better than most.

At this moment, winter’s stronghold is lessening in the Midwest and we are seeing glimmers of springtime.

With Spring nearing on the calendar, the focus of conversation shifts to “the clocks spring ahead”. Time is a hot topic for the next 10 days. Our clocks are going to make a quantum leap this weekend.

Why not join the spirit and engage with YOUR Business to make a quantum leap?

Brilliant Breakthroughs Big Question:
What part of YOUR Business could have a quantum leap this month if you invested some focused time into it?

Think about this for moment. That’s right, I give you permission to space out now.

Which area of YOUR Business is begging for a quantum leap?

Is it YOUR Profitability, People, Productivity, or Peacefulness you seek to improve?

It’s OK to admit it if they all need help – that’s honesty! I’d like for you to consider which one needs your concerted efforts to springboard into improved performance. Don’t complicate this. You already know what needs to be completed, you just need more time to make it happen.

OK, now go to your calendar and plan in time this week and for the rest of the month to make this one thing happen. That’s right, plan committed minutes or hours for it on your calendar. AND keep these commitments.

NOTE: Instead of complaining about time, start training yourself to master time. It doesn’t matter if it’s a constraint, which really does happen, or it’s a gift. Gifts of time happen often – we typically call them canceled appointments or a change in schedule.

The Key is to Master YOUR Productivity

We cannot master time. No matter how hard we try there will only be 24 hours a day.

This is probably a a good things since we’d fill more hours with more stuff that we don’t want!

How do you make time become YOUR Best Friend?
Don’t focus on it! Whoa – that’s different, isn’t it? Yes, it is. All productivity experts will tell you that this is how you achieve more.

Now it’s YOUR TURN: Begin focus on becoming a Productivity Master and you’ll master that clock you’re always thinking about.

Here’s the real question: Which aspect of YOUR Business will you be boosting this month? Great, you have your answer. Now get busy delivering it. Enjoy being in the spirit of the week!

Which project just became your priority? What was the close second to your priority? Feel free to share in the comments section or ask a question.


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