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1 tip to successfully boost sales this quarter

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Small Business Owners can boost sales with this simple and powerful tip.

1 Tip to Successfully Boost Sales this Quarter

How is your new year starting? Are you up and running or sputtering here and there generating your sales? If you’re sputtering, it’s your lucky day – we’re going to share 1 tip to easily boost sales!

We are in the second half of the 1st quarter (Q1) and I’m hearing too many Small Business Owners reveal their sales already are not where they are needed for successful Business Performance.

As a Master Business Coach, hearing this saddens me. Unless there is a family emergency, sales should be strong right now. But for some, this isn’t reality.

Sales are what generates YOUR Revenue and ultimately YOUR Income. Without sales there is no money for business development or personal income.

Do you need to boost sales right now?

Recently I heard Paul Neuberger, The Cold Call Coach, discuss the power of identifying and developing YOUR Business’s COIs (Center Of Influences). A COI is someone or an organization who has influence to introduce you to their network. In the past you’ve heard me referencing these folks in our blogposts as hubs (the 1 person who connects you to many others).

Hubs or COIs, as Paul calls them, have strong connections and immediate access to many of the people (potential customers) YOUR Business is prepared to serve.

This is a great way to boost sales – working smarter instead of very hard!

Your #1 tip to boost sales is a simple one:

  1. Create a list of 5-10 COIs who are already serving YOUR Ideal Customers.
  2. Set an appointment to meet with them.
  3. Begin building a strong and mutually beneficial relationship with them.
  4. Continuous feed each other with appropriate leads.
  5. Extend appreciation (adding value) and gratitude (thanks) to YOUR COIs.

WARNING: Don’t overlook the power of this tip! It’s effective and efficient. It works splendidly.

Remember to continuously identify and foster building ongoing relationships with multiple COIs. You will find the more you develop solid relationships with YOUR COIs, the better leads you will receive. As we learned as children, it is good to give and receive.

How many COIs were you able to come up with for YOUR 1st Step to Boost Sales this Quarter? Feel free to share in the comments section or ask a question.


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