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Rest & Relaxation is a necessity for Small Business Owners

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Rest improves Small Business Owners’ performance and joy!

Rest & Relaxation is a necessity
for Small Business Owners

R&R (Rest & Relaxation) must be scheduled. Do you have downtime on your calendar or planner? If not, you need to get it scheduled!

Why? You are not a bot. You are human. Humans need R&R to recover and perform well.

Sounds odd doesn’t it? At a time in history when there are conversations about AI and humans integrating with one another, I’m reminding you to honor the fact that you are human and have certain needs.

As this is being written there are another 4 weeks to summertime vacationing. Have you vacationed yet? Is it already scheduled?

Bet you weren’t counting on a business coach telling you it’s important to take some vacation, were you?  Do it and explore for yourself how this boost YOUR Business’s Success Rate!

Rest & Relaxation Improves YOUR & YOUR Business’s Performance

R&R is an older phrase. It’s military slang for taking a time-out. R&R, some will say is “rest and recuperation”. Rest and relaxation or recuperation are almost the same; however, I share recuperation because this is the key. 

When you rest, your body, mind, and spirit recuperate. Consistently, research confirms when you are you well rested  YOUR Performance improves. You become more effective (doing things properly) and efficient (doing things in a timely manner). This means you show up stronger and YOUR Business’s Performance increases. Increased productivity, if you’re working on the right things, generally means increased profit.

Humans or Small Business Owners must learn to take more breaks. You mind isn’t designed to work all day (and maybe night), nor is your body.

Additionally, your spirit (passion and attitude) will erode if you aren’t taking some R&R frequently enough. It’s called The Law of Diminishing Returns and it happens 100% of the time if you’re burning yourself out. Click here to learn if scheduling a full day is a power move or not.

It’s time for some more R&R

For years I’ve been writing about taking more breaks and vacations to boost your capabilities and improve your profitability.

I know there are times I struggle with this – probably like you do. I’ll share a trick I do. I’m constantly adding what I call R&R Outlets (events or places) to my calendar I’d like to do this throughout the year and into the next year’s calendar. Unfortunately, I usually learn of something cool after it happens and then add it to the possibilities of fun for next year.  

Then when I’m building out my calendar for the year. I look at my Rest & Relaxation times first. My husband and I plan this first. Then I plan my 90 Day Sprint Project Challenges.

I know I’ve told you before, several times a year I forget that I’m a mere mortal. Having more time to rest helps me function at super-human capacity when necessary. It is my saving grace!

Who would have thought that taking time off to rest and relax could have some many positive benefits for YOUR BUSINESS?  

I encourage you to take a break in this month. We’re almost at the half-way point for the 3rd Quarter. Take some time-out so you can be your best to end the rest of the year with strong bold moves!

How can you create more R&R in your schedule? Feel free to share your plans here in the comment section. 

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