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Keeping Your Hustle between the lines isn’t always easy for Small Business Owners.

Has your hustle exhausted you?

Do you hustle too much, not enough, of just the right amount to effectively grow YOUR Small Business? Too many Small Business Owners don’t have the right amount of hustle figured out yet. Do you?

Too much hustle creates burn-out

Are you feeling crispy? Perhaps a little rough around the edges like burnt toast? If so, your hustle may be burning you out.

That’s right, hustling too much on your business or one specific activity of your business may be rendering you ineffective! Here’s how you can tell if you are burnt-out or getting ready to burn-out:

  • The joy for your work/activity is absent.
  • You aren’t timely with your actions or everything takes too long.
  • You are getting sloppy with your follow-ups.
  • Your creativity is “vanilla”.
  • You feel like everythings is “such hard work”.

All Small Business Owners go through this. You and YOUR Business will be fine if you hangout in the burnt-out zone for as short of time as necessary.

NOTE: If you’re in the too much hustle take a week of two off from the activity or activities that are burning you out.

Why take a break? You aren’t as effective and nearly not as efficient as you could be. You aren’t getting the results you’d like because you aren’t performing at your optimum.

Last month I had this happen with one activity I was pushing for my business. I really rocked it for about 8 weeks and realized I was crispy and wasn’t getting the results I anticipated on something toward the end of those 8 weeks. That’s when I knew I reach my capacity. I had lost my pizzazz!

I prepared to take 7 days off from that one activity. When Day 8 came around, I needed a couple more days. Ultimately, I took 10 days off. It was the right move to take a few more days. When I came back, I was excited again and was gaining the results I was seeking.

Not enough hustle creates lost revenue

Some Small Business Owners haven’t found their effective rhythm to generate enough business. There’s usually two reasons for this.

Not Enough Reason 1: You don’t know what you don’t know.

You are caught in the hamster’s wheel of doing what everyone else says you should be doing. This is common with Small Business bootstrappers. Instead of directly working with one or two experts to get the results you seek, you keep hopping from one free training to another and following bits and pieces of what you really should be doing.

CAUTION: Success has a sequence. Even if you have all the right parts, they need to be in a particular order to optimize your success. Remember how algebraic equations had answers change if you didn’t put them in the right sequence. YOUR Business is like an algebraic equation. It needs the correct items in the correct sequence to get the right result.

Not Enough Reason 2: You are afraid to experiment.

Small Business Success is rooted in experimentation. The founding of America was anchored in liberty. Part of that liberation was being able to sustain oneself, through food and shelter. Those who experimented, either figured out to alter their approach to succeed or they literally died. Unsuccessful entrepreneurship had a significant price for America’s early settlers.

The good news is your price tag for small business frustration (most likely) isn’t your mortality. Yet, it is costing you lost revenue opportunities. What’s holding you back from experimenting with what may work for YOUR Customers?

If you’re saying, “I don’t know what’s best for them, or what they exactly need”, this is precisely why you should be experimenting. It’s the only way you’ll ever get the answers to learn, adjust, and succeed. Remember: non-action is as exhausting as overaction.

The right amount of hustle creates success and satisfaction

When you find the right amount of hustle you are rocking it! You are at your best. You aren’t rushed or depressed. You’re in the flow of what needs to be. It’s a pretty good feeling. 

Having the right amount of hustle still requires you to navigate the peaks and valleys of business, but you do it with finesse. You aren’t depleted. You are resilient – nothing is going to throw you off your game. This is the zone where all the magic happens!

Is this your truth? If so, it’s undeniable. Own it and stay diligent to your awareness of how you’re functioning. Lock it into your memory so when you aren’t hustling enough, or too much, you’ll quickly notice the difference and make appropriate adjustments

Finding the right balance of hustle to support your success best is an individual game. There is no cookie cutter answer for everyone. You know YOUR Goals, YOUR Capabilities and Skills, and YOU know when you’re burnt out. If you don’t know how to get you to YOUR Destination, as I said before, find and Expert to help you accomplish YOUR Goals.

Remember: Hustle can thrill us. Hustle can exhaust us. We need to make sure our hustle is focused on the right things.

What one thing do you need to do to keep YOUR Hustle balanced and effective? Feel free to share your tweak in the comment section. 

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