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Don’t be fooled! The RIGHT Daily Goals are high impact for Small Business Owners.

Daily Goals Create Annual Goals


Daily goals matter. Do you have daily goals? Do your day-to-day goals support YOUR Annual Goals? Many Small Business Owners are terrible at setting daily goals. Are you?

All the great leaders of achievement teach the importance of goals – especially daily. Brendon Burchard teaches us to master High Performance Habits. Stephen R. Covey taught us how to do First Things First. Brian Tracy taught us how to attain Maximum Achievement.  

These three gents did the research, wrote their books, and hold the torch high as they train mere mortals (us) to up our game. They all confirm your dreams, aspirations, and annual goals are supported by your daily habits and daily goals.

Small Business Owners (SBOs) have an added task to assure that their actions and their team’s continuously support the Business’s Annual Goals. YOUR Business’s Performance Goals are a direct reflection of how well the daily goals align with the Annual Goals.

Altering Behavior of Small Business Owners to Achieve Goals

Altering behavior to complete daily goals is essential for Small Business Success. 

I’ve been coaching for over 15 years. I’ve heard many people share their dreams, their passion, and how hard they work. Most are accurate with their self-assessment. Unfortunately many SBOs don’t see is their daily busy-ness that’s usually misaligned with their bigger goals. 

The daily actions and tasks many SBOs have on their To-Do Lists are not supporting Power Moves to improve the Business’s Performance Needles to accomplish annual goals. Why? We are addicted to being busy instead of “Slowing down to accelerate.” as Maggie Mongan says.

When we slow down, we can discern which actions will support our goals best and then build those specific actions into our Daily Action Plan. Yes, I said strategies to support your best actions will support achieving your annual goals.

Right Thoughts (Strategy) develop Right Actions (Tactics)

Strategy is a plan you have created by forming your goal and creating milestones to be accomplished on your journey to achieve your goal. Consider the strategy as your map or guide to get you to your destination.

Tactics are the specific actions that you execute (or perform) to fulfill the strategy. If you are taking a road trip, the places you stop along the way would be part of the strategy. What actions you make happen when you get to those certain spots are the tactics. 

Let’s consider a road trip. The strategy helps develop overall movement and check points. Things to think through would be the time of departure according to when you want to arrive at your destination, which route to take for avoiding heavy traffic, and where to stop along the way.

The tactics are specific activities you do. In the case of a road trip, tactics could be: fill the gas tank, get a meal, and take a nap before proceeding. 

If you follow this blog, you know we frequently discuss Right Thoughts and Right Actions. The aforementioned teachers of improving personal and organizational performance do the same. Why? Performance improves when these two concepts are properly implemented.

YOUR Daily Actions directly impacts YOUR Success. If you are taking daily actions to support your daily goals, you will achieve what you seek or come closer to it than you have.

WARNING: You impede success each time you deviate from your supporting tactics.

Brilliant Breakthroughs Big Question:
Take 5 minutes to look at YOUR Business’s weekly schedule. Do 90% of your activities and appointments support YOUR Business’s Annual Goals?

If not make the adjustment immediately! Additionally, if you feel overwhelmed start with removing your personal life activities on YOUR Business Calendar. Place your personal activities before or after YOUR Business’s Hours of Operation.

It’s time to Simplify YOUR Business Success by streamlining YOUR Daily Goals and Actions to align with YOUR Annual Goals.

What will you add or remove on YOUR Daily Actions Schedule for YOUR Business Success? Share in the comment section. 

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