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Others Success – How Do You Celebrate?

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Let’s celebrate others success: Congrats Author Team, you did it! Image credit: Stacy Kaat Photography.

Others Success –
How Do You Celebrate?

When we celebrate others success, we celebrate achievement. Do you go out of your way to make sure people know you support their accomplishments?

If so, that’s exceptional and bravo! If not, this may be an essential element YOUR Business needs to accelerate its profitability!

Others Success Awareness

Followers know that we just released our newest book “Brilliant Breakthroughs for the Small Business Owner – Vol 2: Fresh Perspectives on Profitability, People, Productivity, and Finding Peace in Your Business” on amazon the other day. Thank you for making it a #1 New Release and a#1 Bestseller. Due to the high demand, you can still purchase the digital copy for only 99 cents, at:  for the next several days. This is our thank you for your assistance in helping us become a #1 Bestseller! 

If you want to know more, please see prior blogpost: 1 Expert Power Move , which explains what value the book can provide any Small Business Owner or Entrepreneur, as well as the chapter topics and links to the Authors.

Let me back up to explain further…

November is National Entrepreneurs Month. So we decided November would be the best month to release our Annual #1 Bestselling Business Book Series for Small Business. Why? To celebrate you!  (A way to support others success.)

Then we decided to give away 100 Free Tips for Small Business Owners Success (which is different each year because we have different authors and topics). This is to support you succeeding (or supporting others success).

Then, at the end of Book Release Day, which is an 18 hour day filled with an endless flurry of activities, I made sure I reached out out to our Authoring Team, to congratulate them personally. Why? The worked their tails off and accomplished something very few do. I wanted to make sure they knew we were celebrating their success! Was I tired? Yes, AND it was essential for me to celebrate with them – even if for only a moment!

Now, did that take a little more time out of my schedule? Yes. What it worth it? Completely!

Do you think the author team feels appreciated, valued, and successful? Sure they do. Are they inspired and uplifted? Yes! Did I get uplifted before I called it a day? Absolutely! It’s a win-win.

What If?

What if you become known as the person who supports and celebrates others success?

Consider this… What do you think is going to happen when you accomplish something? 

What do you think others will say about you as your networking? Do you think this will have any impact on building business relationship and revenue?

Will this approach strengthen personal relationships? The answer is a resounding “yes!” to all the above.

Give some love to others and don’t be surprised when it is reciprocated! This is one of the best ways to support one another in our journey that isn’t always the most glamorous. I know you understand what I’m saying 🙂

If you’re curious, here’s the Vol 2 Chapter Titles & Authors: 

This book has 8 Experts sharing their wisdom from years of brilliantly practicing their expertise and serving it up to business. Now, they’re doing it for Small Businesses. Allow me to share the chapter titles with you:

Chapter 1: The Inbound Pipeline to Success 
by Kelly E. Andrew

Chapter 2: Higher Consciousness Creates Higher Profitability 
by Nancy Clairmont Carr

Chapter 3: It’s All Management 101 
by Clive Extence

Chapter 4: Five Ways to Bring Compassion Intro Your Organization 
by Susan McCuistion

Chapter 5: Spotlighting Yourself as an Undeniable Expert in Your Industry 
by Becky Norwood

Chapter 6: Business is Addicted to Busyness, Not Success: Improving Upon Decades of Failure 
by Maggie Mongan

Chapter 7: Discovering Your Business’s True North 
by Mike Raber

Chapter 8: Are You Willing to be Successful? 
by Susan White

Congratulations Authoring Team of Volume 2! You have made great impact in supporting the Small Business Sector’s Success!

Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. 
Making it possible to Simplify, Transform, & Optimize
Small Business Success!

Maggie Mongan, #1 Bestselling Author
Master Business Coach & Trainer for Small Businesses
Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc.
Direct Dial: 262-716-7750
LinkedIn: MaggieMongan

p.s.:  Create brilliant outcomes through making better decisions in real-time.

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