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The inspiration for Spotlight on Your Business began with the sole purpose of working with business owners to implement smart marketing practices.  Seeing many businesses stricken by the economy, Becky was inspired to learn best practices for marketing using technology that would not only simplify life for business owners who hired her but also keep them in front of their clients.  After becoming proficient in cross-channel marketing, she also became a certified book publishing expert.  Becoming an author is a remarkably powerful tool business owners can use to establish their expertise and catapult their business success.  Becky has brought over 50 authors to #1 Bestselling, and her focus with each author is teaching them to treat their book as a business and educates them on simple, yet effective ways to keep both their book and their business in the spotlight.

Eight-part mini-series on “The Art of Powerfully Using Storytelling in Marketing.”

Brilliant Breakthroughs for The Small Business Owner
Fresh Perspectives on Profitability, People, Productivity, and Finding Peace in YOUR Business

Small Business Owners deserve better than what the marketplace is delivering to help them succeed. The 21st century requires Small Business Owners to show up differently to win at business. In this life-altering business book, you will learn fresh perspectives on Profitability, People, Productivity, and Peace to dramatically simplify and boost your business performance in one swoop.

As successful Business Owners and Practicing Experts, our authors understand the power of blending best practices and unconventional techniques to grow a business. We’re sharing our winning formulas to help you determine which activities truly drive profit, how to develop and nurture people as your greatest asset, discover new approaches to become more effective and efficient, and build a peacefully performing business so you can step into your potential.

Small Business Owners no longer need to let their business success be determined by chance. A new way of conducting business is here.


Spotlighting Yourself as an Undeniable Expert in Your Industry

In this chapter, you will learn why smart business owners and entrepreneurs are choosing to include authoring a book as part of their marketing arsenal. Sharing their expertise in the pages of a book is a valuable “foot in the door” tool for business growth. The book establishes credibility as they showcase their knowledge of the subject they know best. Authors often find that their book opens the door to speaking on stages, being interviewed on TV, radio, media and podcasts, and has led to both joint ventures as well as collaboration with other experts. It expands their reach to a global audience as they embrace the power of our digital age that offers self-publishing as a viable option for massive exposure.

A lifetime entrepreneur, Becky Norwood is now a book publishing expert, #1 Bestselling Author, Speaker and Coach whose passion for excellence shines through as she has worked her magic with over 50 authors. Bringing them to #1 bestselling status by implementing smart marketing practices has made publishing worth the time and effort for her clients. Becky married her husband Mark 11 years ago, blending five adult kids, and now nine grandchildren. Camping and crafting are her chill-time favorites along with enjoying her growing family. She is currently the social chairperson for her local Soroptimist chapter.

Becky’s Special Invitation to you: Free Discovery Consultation to Determine If Putting Your Business in the Spotlight through Publishing a Book Is Right for You:

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