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Filament Communication

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Filament Communication was established to support and grow Independent businesses through Internet marketing. While the Internet is changing every day, the Filament team makes it a priority to stay in front of trends and best practices, so its customers don’t have to. By identifying and evaluating valuable Internet marketing metrics, Filament Communication implements strategic, sustainable tactics for its customers.

Filament offers brand, website, and SEO audits, strategic marketing plan development, Hubspot CRM and marketing automation implementation, SEO, content development and publishing, and analytic reporting and assessment. By taking a thorough, consistent, and sustainable approach to Internet marketing, Filament positions its customers for growth and future profitability.


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In 2013, after a decade in the non-profit sector, Kelly E. Andrew founded Filament Communication. Her mission, to help independent businesses grow, inspired her to hone her internet marketing skills and build a passionate, growth-minded team of marketers.

Kelly believes that strong local economies depend on the success of independent businesses. Filament Communication helps those businesses shine online.


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2018 Book

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The Inbound Pipeline to Success

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Surprise! Internet Marketing Isn’t Just About Blogs, Social Media Posts, and E-Newsletters. When You Focus Your Efforts On An Inbound Strategy, You’ll Get Better Results.

If you assume the internet is the least personal place to market your business, you’re wrong. Growing businesses use online tools and technology to build solid relationships with their prospects and customers. This chapter will help you understand the importance and urgency of establishing a strategic internet marketing plan. In it, you’ll learn:

• What components make up the Inbound Marketing Strategy
• Why you must establish your strategy before executing tactics
• How to track your success and ROI with valuable data-points
• Why it’s important to integrate your sales and marketing efforts
• The value in starting today

Perfect for business owners and marketing managers, The Inbound Pipeline to Success demonstrates how to build and execute a successful internet marketing strategy, no matter what industry you’re in.

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