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The Joy-Effect was founded to help small business owners develop higher profitability through higher consciousness—outcomes not usually possible through former success models. Nancy’s coaching expertise creates permanent shifts in mindset, practices, and results. With an MBA and 30 years of corporate and entrepreneurial leadership, she quickly pinpoints what is needed for small businesses to profitably expand. As a master energy practitioner Nancy guides SBO's to quantum shifts in their business quickly and with less effort. The results are a business and lifestyle that bring joy, abundance, and freedom.

Brilliant Breakthroughs for The Small Business Owner
Fresh Perspectives on Profitability, People, Productivity, and Finding Peace in YOUR Business

Small Business Owners deserve better than what the marketplace is delivering to help them succeed. The 21st century requires Small Business Owners to show up differently to win at business. In this life-altering business book, you will learn fresh perspectives on Profitability, People, Productivity, and Peace to dramatically simplify and boost your business performance in one swoop.

As successful Business Owners and Practicing Experts, our authors understand the power of blending best practices and unconventional techniques to grow a business. We’re sharing our winning formulas to help you determine which activities truly drive profit, how to develop and nurture people as your greatest asset, discover new approaches to become more effective and efficient, and build a peacefully performing business so you can step into your potential.

Small Business Owners no longer need to let their business success be determined by chance. A new way of conducting business is here.


Higher Consciousness Creates Higher Profitability

Typically, small business owners are all work and no play.  They should be able to express their purpose through their business, grow it profitably and live a lifestyle of joy, abundance, and freedom. If this is not happening, they need to look at a new way of doing business.

This book highlights the holy grail of a successful 21st century small business. A new approach has been ushered in for small business owners. One that accesses intuition and higher consciousness. This approach successfully grows their business more quickly and with less effort, while living a more healthful, balanced lifestyle.

Demographic changes and cultural trends are causing SBO's to approach hiring and decision making differently. They are using a more holistic approach. These changes offer the small business owner more optimal solutions to their business challenges. They also provide more employee engagement and a better work culture. This supports and retains high performance employees more successfully.

Learn what the small business owner needs to know to create increased productivity, longevity, and profitability.

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Transformation Coach I Energy Practitioner I Speaker l Entrepreneur

Transformation expert Nancy Clairmont Carr capitalized on her curiosity, work ethic, entrepreneurial upbringing, and MBA to lead several corporate marketing efforts. She decided the corporate life didn’t serve her and leveraged her business success to form several entrepreneurial ventures around coaching individuals to create a successful business and lifestyle.

Through her desire to create a larger impact more quickly and holistically, Nancy became an expert energy practitioner with multiple certifications. As a certified coach, she guides small business owners to develop higher consciousness, and create more profitable outcomes not possible with old success models. For the last few decades, this approach has resulted in businesses that create joy, abundance, and freedom.

Nancy resides in Minnesota, loves traveling with family, cooking, exercise, the outdoors, and ongoing study of transformational practices.

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