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Marketing Secret revealed by The Love Boat

Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. Sharing: Marketing Secret being revealed by image taken while on a cruise. "The Love Boat" logo found on the ship.
What is YOUR Marketing Secret that’s waiting to be revealed?

by The Love Boat

Exactly one month ago, I discovered a marketing secret while I was on a well deserved and needed working vacation. Yes, for this one I did work each day. Then, I chilled out for the balance of the day. While on the cruise, I stumbled across an industry marketing secret that I’ve not heard anyone talk about yet. I’m sharing it with you to help you improve YOUR Business Success.

A Marketing Secret Revealed

I was traveling for a week around the western Caribbean on the Princess Cruise Line. This was my maiden cruise and it was very nice.

Once we boarded the ship and navigated ourselves around to find our cabins, we discovered a large photo commemorating the infamous “Love Boat” crew. They were all there – The Captain, Doc, Julie, Gopher, and Isaac Washington. When we set sail, they played the harmonious theme to The Love Boat TV Series. They also played it at noon each day.

One day I was looking at something on the ship and took a photo of it. It’s the commemorative logo of the TV Series. I waited to see if I could get a photo of a couple standing along side it – but I wasn’t that lucky! Why did I snap this photo to share with you?

The TV Show, The Love Boat is a great marketing secret.

Oversimplified, marketing is about introducing you to a thing or concept and intriguing your interest enough for you to move from potential customer to customer. Did The Love Boat intrigue us to go on a cruise to find love or be all goofy? You bet it did!

I’ve heard single women discuss their cruising vacation and add, “I didn’t find love.” This is great proof of marketing. The TV show quit running almost 30 years ago and people are still expecting to find love when they go on a cruise! Bravo to the cruise industry – they created a phenomenal marketing campaiogn which is still serving them 30 years later!

What’s YOUR Business’s Marketing Secret?

Brilliant Breakthroughs Big Question:
Do you have a marketing secret for YOUR Business?

If so, are you trying to keep it a secret? Don’t let it be a secret – work it like mad in YOUR Marketplace! Be a mad marketer and you’ll win big.

Do something different from the rest of YOUR Marketplace. The cruise industry created a show to promote a wonderful vacation experience and it created a phenomenal demand for their product.

What can you do to create more demand for your product? If you don’t have a marketing secret, get creative and then serve it up! Click here to learn more about gaining momentum.

While I was on this cruise, each day I spent time working on my business as well as serving a client. I discovered a great marketing secret that won’t be a secret much longer for my business.

Go ahead and get busy pondering what YOUR Business Marketing Secret is and then get busy revealing it to YOUR Marketplace! The demand you create will be well worth the time you make to contemplating this.

Remember: Every successful business has a marketing secret or two. It’s important to reveal YOUR Secret in YOUR Marketplace to create more demand for YOUR Offerings. Ultimately improving YOUR Revenue.

During the Holiday Season, we tend to watch some great movies with our loved ones. Because of this, I post a few more Business Movie Reviews than normal. Read the review and then watch the movies – I assure you, it’ll add value to YOUR Business Performance. Click here to review WALL-E, Scrooged, and Avatar will be our next post.

What’s YOUR Business’s marketing secret to improve YOUR Business Performance? Share in the comments section so we can help you create demand for YOUR Business.


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