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WALL-E Business Movie Review

WALL-E movie teaches Small Business Owners to stay on task.
WALL-E movie teaches Small Business Owners to stay on task.

WALL-E movie teaches
business strategies of
mission-focused, appreciation,
and distraction

WALL-E (2008) is a great family movie with a wide array of Business Strategies  in particular, appreciation and depreciation. 

If you’re like me, the first time you watched Disney-Pixar’s WALL-E movie you were amused and the message to take care of the earth is obvious. But what if you watch it through the lens of appreciation and depreciation? The whole movie looks very different. I invite you to watch this movie through this lens. Family will see the great message it has and you will see it through another.

In the opening scene of WALL-E  is set in 2085, we see a planet filled with trash – piled higher than the skyscrapers! We see “valuables” in trash piles upon a very disrespected earth. All humans have left the planet while a clean-up on planet Earth occurs for 5 years. During those 5 years, humans are on an extended vacation while they float in outer-space.

Back on earth, WALL-E is a sole survivor who is programmed to compact all the trash. Throughout his days of compacting trash he collects certain “valuables”. One day he has a unique find – a seedling plant. Ultimately this creates the next story line. I don’t do spoilers here. I strongly encourage you to watch this movie after you read the review. FYI: YOUR Business’s Success may depend upon it.

WALL-E Business Strategy
#1 Mission-focused

WALL-E is mission-focused. Eve is mission-focused as well – almost to a point of destruction. All characters in this story are focused on fulfilling their mission – even the Captain of the ship. However, it’s when each character allows themselves the opportunity to look at things with fresh eyes that their mission becomes even more clear.

Often when Small Business Owners (SBOs) have defined their mission, they forget to continue gathering information to verify it’s still an accurate mission. What do you do when you realize your mission has gone bad? Do you still keep running your old program or do you take a time out to adjust your objectives, simplify your strategies, and align your action with your new mission?

WALL-E Business Strategy
#2 Appreciation

One of my favorite scenes is when WALL-E is mesmerized by a cigarette lighter’s flame. His newfound appreciation for something he sees everywhere is quite moving. Throughout the movie we see characters experiencing what I call “value confusion” (their values are messed up). My favorite is when a diamond ring’s box is considered more valuable than the engagement ring itself.

SBOs, do you appreciate your learning curve, partnership, and teachers? Look around your workplace, how much waste is there? Are you valuing your time as well as you could be? Have you invested in the most appropriate tools to do your job well? Do you appreciate the goals and strategies your actions are moving you toward?

WALL-E Business Strategy
#3 Distraction

When the humans had disregarded and disrespected planet Earth, they take the ultimate scenic tour of distraction. They go on a 5 year vacation where they don’t have any responsibility.

When you want to avoid doing the true work to support YOUR Business’s Goals, how do you distract yourself? Do you call friends, check email, putz around, or go to social media to do non-business? All of this matters. One by one, each of these activities and whatever you’re doing that isn’t mission-focused is eroding your productivity and progress. Think of how water wears down a stone and this is what distractions do to YOUR Business’s Bottom-line.

WALL-E Bonuses!

Bonus 1: This story has a great undertone to it about the quest to do something – make a difference. If you have created a business to make a difference, don’t loose sight of YOUR Vision! The world needs you to fulfill this as much as you need to actualize the vision!

Bonus 2: Funny Alert! When the defunct robots were liberated, the alert message reads Caution: Rogue Robots! Just loved this 🙂

Which one of the Business Strategies from WALL-E would serve YOUR Business best right now?


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