April 8


Expiration Dates Are Important for Success

Expiration Dates Do Matter and are Important
for YOUR Business’s Success

Are you holding onto something past its expiration date?
Do you keep looking for fresh ideas?

Expiration Dates depicted by a rustic parking meter showing time expired
Expiration Dates are Clues for You to Generate More Profit

Expiration dates come and go. Just like many things throughout life. Television programs are not immune to expiration dates. Since it first appeared many moons ago, I have enjoyed watching the TV program: M*A*S*H. Netflix now has it available.

Honoring Expiration Dates: Lessons from Television Guiding Business

I am watching M*A*S*H from the beginning. I haven’t seen it in years. This is a good thing because I don’t necessarily remember each line any longer. The topic of the most recent episode I’m watching is about letting go of the old to bring in the new. Interesting enough, this is similar to the opening episode of Mad Men in this final season. Tides turn and it is important to go with the flow instead of getting caught up in the wake.

Are you noticing YOUR Business’s Expiration Dates?

In business, how many times do we hold onto something beyond its expiration date? As I work with clients I notice how difficult it is for them to move on to something new. It always amazes me how they are resisting change – even when they don’t have any revenue coming in.

Which of your offerings has a past due expiration date and is ready to be retired or refreshed?

Once you choose which offering to release or refresh, do the same with your daily activities. Which one of your action items has an expiration date that’s already past due? Make sure you are looking at YOUR Business objectively. Are you doing something by hand that could be automated? Are you writing addresses on letters instead of printing out envelopes or address labels?

Just as changes occur in movies and television storylines, so they do in YOUR Business as well. Be wise and don’t allow your vehicle (business) of greater profit and success be towed away. Take action before your expiration date has passed!

A great movie to watch regarding expiration dates, obsoletism, and innovation is “Tucker: A Man and His Dream” (1988). Click here to see our Business Movie Review of Tucker.

Please feel free to share anything you are realizing is ready to be released to improve your business’s profit and success… 


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Blessings of Success to YOU ~
Maggie Mongan, Brilliant CEO & Founder
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p. s.: Currently I am revamping an offering which I have delivered for over 10 years. Even though it is the same content, now it’s time to have it more automated. Looking forward to this next way to serve clients instead of allowing a good offering’s expiration date being its demise!


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