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Clarity of goals support your profit and peace

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Clarity of Goals provides your ripple effect to expand.

Clarity of goals support
YOUR profit and peace

Clarity of goals isn’t a common topic, nor do most Small Business Owners know how to create goals to guide their actions. We all understand the concept and power of having goals, but are we creating appropriate goals and for the right reasons? No. Therefore, many goals are incorrect and YOUR Business’s Performance Needles aren’t moving in the best direction.

Let’s start at the beginning. Goals reveal how effective or ineffective we are in relationship to a particular milestone. That is, if they are properly created. 

Unfortunately, most goals aren’t created to support success. In Brilliant Breakthroughs for the Small Business Owner (Volume 1), CPA Eric Levenhagen shares, “Change your definition of success according to what you want from your business. It takes money to support your mission. Your profitable business can serve the greater good. Your business profit is supporting your purpose” (page 23).

Clearly Levenhagen is on the right track. Small Business Owners (SBOs) usually have an ulterior motive for creating their business – whatever it is they want to accomplish to change in the world. When enough profit is generated, through us, it can make a great impact on those things we wish to improve. This is an accurate goal. Definitely not one found on a Profit and Loss Statement, but this is a typical macro-goal for most SBOs.

Clarity of Goals: New Client Story

A new client just said to me, “Since I didn’t achieve any of my goals I need to redo them before we begin. I’d like to take a month and get all my goals reset and basic stuff completed before we begin.”

I give this new SBO an A+ for ambition and fortitude! AND I replied with something like this, “I don’t believe that’s the best strategy at this point. Time is of the essence. Most likely, you are going to go through all these motions and then have to redo it all again.”

Our new SBO is brilliant and has been active learning a new industry – not studying best practices of success, nor productivity. There isn’t anymore time left to try to get things right. It’s do it right, right now, for them or back to corporate they go!

Daily Clarity of Micro-Goals

There’s another way to look at goals to provide the clarity of which actions are going to best support success.  I call this the micro-goals of Small Business. Micro-goals are your daily guides.

These smaller micro-goals are the incremental goals which support YOUR Macro-Goal. They guide your baby steps (day-in and day-out actions) which feed into YOUR Macro-Goals.

When is the best time to apply micro-goals? Every day – especially when you are working in a new industry or a new process, project, or program.  In other words, when something is new.

New activities require us to learn new skills, which require us learning how to steadily walk so we can eventually run. Thus, baby steps or micro-goals to guide your action steps are relevant.

EXAMPLE: YOUR Macro-Goal is to generate $100K/year revenue. On average, it’s going to take you 30 sales to accomplish this. Great, now you know how many sales you need. Do you know what actions you need to take to make 1 of those 30 sales?

NOTE: If you don’t know these actions and create micro-goals for these, you will be busy all year without accomplishing YOUR Macro-Goal. 

Does this sound familiar? Sure it does. Sometimes we forget this. Continuously working YOUR Micro-Goals will support you achieving YOUR Marco-Goal.

CAUTION: When you create your micro-goals, it is essential to avoid (a) the minutiae of busyness, (b) focusing on what is naturally easy to do, and (c) things you like doing. I guarantee, the results you seek aren’t found in those activities! 


Create a list of what must be accomplished each day. This is YOUR Micro-Goal List. Then, with great fortitude and assurance, daily step into these right actions to secure YOUR Success.

If you focus on the right things and take the right actions each day, YOUR Success Rate will go through the roof if you are consistent with this. If each day isn’t somewhat challenging to you, you’re probably not working on the right actions or you need to adjust your goal to stretch you more!

Either way, working micro-goals will provide you the clarity of goals for you. Not sure where to begin? Tell me what you’d like to discuss by clicking here: No-cost Consultation

What would your world look like if you could master this clarity of goals thing? Feel free to share what’s going to give you great impact in the comment section.    

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