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Changing Routines Supports Success for Small Business Owners

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Changing Routines can be fun and simple, yet powerful for Small Business Owners.

Changing Routines Supports Success for Small Business Owners

Small Business Owners are just like everyone else, they get into slumps from time to time. Changing routines is one of the best ways to move beyond the funk and into the fantastic. YOUR Performance and YOUR Business Performance depends on your creating routines to amplify success.

Here’s the good news: Changing routines doesn’t have to be an arduous task at all. Well, unless you choose it to be so.

Why is Changing Routines Important?

What’s the greatest reason for changing routines? Increased engagement level with aligning your actions to your strategies.

How often are you bored with what you’re doing? It just doesn’t give you satisfaction any longer. By simply changing your routine, you will be more engaged in discovering if different habits, behaviors, or techniques are supporting your success or not.

I know, this just seems too simple to be effective. You’re welcome!

I help Small Business Owners simplify strategies and align actions to become more profitable and peaceful, so they can step into their potential. So please don’t over look the power of simplification of this technique.

Even though he stated it differently, Einstein was a proponent of simplicity. We all ponder the concept of eloquence when we think of Einstein’s theories, don’t we?

Embrace simplicity – it could be the one thing that keeps you sane and YOUR Business Successful!

Cyclical Events Support Changing Routines

Changing routines is a conversation at the beginning of each new year.

Why do you think this is?

Everyone wants to create an improved versions of themselves or their “thing”.

I’m a BIG proponent of change – for the right reasons.

One of my quotes is, “Don’t be an Agent for Change; Be an Agent of Change.”

CAUTION: Changing for the sake of changing is not wise!

TIP: Changing routines should be anchored with intentional purpose and planning.

Is it time for you to Change YOUR Routine?

Do you have new goals? Are you needing to amplify the results of your actions? Then changing up your routine may be most appropriate.

Remember: When you take the time to create your new routine, make sure it is practical (simplified) and it support your fulfilling your goals (aligning actions).

If you need a little more help with this, read this blog on Envisioning to assist with the new game you’re taking on by changing routines.

Consider this: Sometimes changing routines can be about do-ing less and be-ing more!

What topics would you like me to address to assist YOUR Business Success? Feel free to share in the comments section.


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p.s. This week, I’m doing a little more envisioning to simplify strategies and align actions by changing up routines to better support my new goals. Come on, join me!

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