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Try simplicity to create a winning and profitable business

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Try Simplicity… It may be the saving grace for YOU and YOUR Business!

Try simplicity to create a winning
and profitable business

Try simplicity! Don’t allow the simplicity of this message turn you away. Simplified businesses are highly valued and preferred. When a Business Owner works a simplicity model they are improving their Business Performance. Their game is all about effectiveness and efficiency.

When I’m working with Business Owners and I share the message above, many of them thing the efficiency is for them and the effectiveness is for their customer. I always smile when I hear this. Why? They aren’t understanding how both parties benefit from the efficiency and effectiveness.

Try simplicity for efficiency

When a Business Owner focuses on becoming more efficient, they are streamlining a process or processes. This streamlining not only makes the business more efficient, it also makes the customer experience more efficient. Today, efficient processes are expected by customers. If they don’t get something almost instantaneously they freak-out! Once this happens, you become the bad guy.

Why does becoming more efficient matter?

When YOUR Business becomes more efficient it immediately becomes more profitable. Why? You don’t have as many man hours to accomplish efficient tasks. Whether the man hours are yours or your staff, the time it takes is a cost. Time is money and it eats into your profit.

Also, the more your processes are streamlined, the more customers you will attract! Sounds crazy doesn’t it? Think about it. If you have an efficient experience with someone, you’ll tell everyone. You’ll be so impressed that you’ll give them social proof of their awesomeness with a raving review. This in turn will attract more customers. Why? They have a value of time too!

If you try simplicity you and your business will become more effective

When a Business Owner focuses on their own effectiveness, and the business’s effectiveness, everything changes. The shift of being busy to being purpose-driven will serve you well.

When you try simplicity, do you focus on your own tasks? This is a great place to start. Look at your own daily processes. If you can minimize your actions and time doing your daily tasks, you will save money.

The very least gain is you’ll have sanity because  you’ll know what you’re doing, how you’re doing it, and why. Sanity equals peace. Peace is priceless for a Business Owner. Additionally, it will provide you with clarity regarding what is really happening in YOUR Business. Once you know this, you can support YOUR Business even better.

Is your customer process effective? Are customers dissatisfied with your product or service? Do you provided them with everything they need? Rave reviews are one thing from customers, but do they give you referrals? If they do refer you it’s because you’re being effective in their eco-system.

It’s strange how all of this “try simplicity” stuff improves your top-line and bottom-line. I always find it quite fascinating! It sure seems that humans sure do default to being complex We sure like wasting time and money – all for the sake of complexification. So if that isn’t working so well for you, try simplicity! It might be the magic you’ve been waiting for … for a while now.

What one area of YOUR Business or self-performance are you willing to try simplicity? What do you want to achieve by this? comment and I will reply.

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p.s. Simplifying your activities will bring you more summer vacation time.

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  1. Great Article! I believe that less is more and streamlining is helpful. Oddly enough, I had some helpful feedback from a client that, while adding a step, streamlined and simplified my process. Her suggestion was simple: She suggested I add a “what to expect” document, so clients coming to see me for the first time would know what to expect, be prepared and feel at ease. It was brilliant.

    By adding a step, a simple step, it streamlined and simplified my client’s experience.

    1. Yes, this is great! This perceived “added” step probably streamlined a preparation conversation or several that happened on the fly. I agree – brilliant! Now are you applying this brilliance to your offerings as well? Hope so!

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