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Tracking your progress does make a difference

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Tracking daily progress keeps you on track to achieve.

Tracking your success does make a difference

Tracking your progress improves your success rate. What we focus on helps us improve our game. Do you track certain activities of your business and your performance?

Small Business Owners are notorious bad for tracking their activities. I’m not sure if it’s because they think it’s not necessary or they have a an allergic reaction to it from when everything was tracked back in their corporate days. 

Regardless, tracking performance items (certain activities) will improve YOUR Business’s Performance and Growth.

I had a mentor conversation last week. My mentor asked me if I ever read The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. I had not. When I went to purchase it, I laughed. The description revealed it’s similar to what I practice, teach clients, and blog about often enough. 

The book arrived Sunday morning and by Sunday evening I was reading it. I didn’t get far, but what I read piqued my interest!

Darren was addressing the power of tracking items. I didn’t even finish the topic in the book because it inspired me to review my performance in two business activities and one personal activity.

In all 3 situations, I have done well, but haven’t delivered the results I ultimately intended. Why? I became sloppy and lazy.

How are you sloppy and/or lazy?

Here’s how it went down. I was having strong success with each business activity. Then, everything started picking up like wildfire! Doesn’t this sound great?

Here’s the downfall. I became sloppy. How? I quit tracking my daily progress on these 2 important items. I just didn’t make the final step happen: to update activities on the projects for the day.

Guess what happened next? Nothing! Each one of the projects stalled. Why? I wasn’t giving it a high enough priority of importance. Even though I was saying it was important I wasn’t completing the task to validate its value for my business. This is a good example of how being sloppy hinders progress.

The personal project that stalled is a good example of lazy. Lazy instead of sloppy because I didn’t start tracking something I knew I should have been. I just didn’t want to make the effort to to do it.

I kept telling myself, “no big deal”. Essentially, I chose to ignore its significance. Again, the results are good, but haven’t delivered what I anticipated. The results are satisfying me, nor fulfilling intention.

I know better. I deserve the less than stellar results on these 3 items. This reveals to me: regardless of how much I was accomplishing, I haven’t been functioning at my normal high performance levels. “Ugh!” I’m stepping up my game this week to include what was missing. Are you going to as well?

5-Step Tracking Your Success Action Item:

  1. Look at one project that you want to assure is a complete and undeniable success.
  2. Commit to tracking it by placing a daily tracking update time on your calendar.
  3. Review your progress.
  4. Adapt your approach to this project.
  5. Repeat with other projects.

NOTE: When I track, and my clients track, there is greater momentum and success achieved

Throughout this blog we have discussed the power of incremental change. This Action Item and the book: The Compound Effect will guide you on how to achieve the gains of incremental change.

Business Movie Review Alert:

Click on the link to see my business movie review of one of my favorite summertime movies is “What about Bob?” with Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss. This is a phenomenal example of incremental change and it’s a great comedy too!

Which improvement project will you start tracking? Why is its success important to you? Feel free to share your tweak in the comment section. 

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