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The Impact of a Decisive Small Business Owner

Small Business Coaching by Brilliant Breakthroughs, Inc. Topic: Decisive. Illustrated.by a street sign point to "choice" in both directions.
Being decisive can move small businesses in the right direction in a moment.

The Impact of a Decisive
Small Business Owner

Decisive Small Business Owners are what progresses the world. Small Business Owners are Agents of Change

Whether being a solopreneur or leading a team of 100, the Small Business Owner must make decisions to improve their Business’s Performance

Small Business Owners are Agents of Change. Change requires decisions. Decisions come from one being decisive.

Decisive is defined as: 1. Having the power to settle a dispute or doubt; conclusive. 2. Characterized by decision and firmness; resolute; determined. 3. Beyond doubt; unmistakable; unquestionable. (The American Heritage Dictionary, 1973)

One of the common weaknesses in a Small Business Owner’s character is their lack of being decisive. This always perplexes me because making choices to lead the business is a key element of Small Business Leadership.

Small Business Owners are Business Leaders

This isn’t a new concept, I’ve been talking about and writing about this for over a decade. Yet, this very important business lesson may be a new concept to you. It’s important you learn this and immediately move it into action to secure Your Business’s Goals more gracefully.

Dear Small Business Owner (SBO),  you are a Business Leader. You may not be a Business Leader who leads the masses as CEOs of Fortune 500 Companies do; however, you are the leader of YOUR Business. 

You are the one who is ultimately responsible for YOUR Business’s Direction via the choices you make. These decisions, which you determine, guide the direction of YOUR Business’s Success. The range of your decisions is vast – from buying a certain type of garbage bag to how you’re going to develop your new offering. 

Whether you realize it or not, you are being decisive even if you choose to not make a decision. Deciding to take non-action itself is an action which impacts Your Business’s Profitability. At times, non-action may be the best choice for the circumstance.

WARNING: If non-action is your normal approach, chances are you are limiting Your Business’s Potential.

Decision Making Insights

Business Leaders, regardless of how big or small their business is, are making decisive moves each day. Are you conscious (aware) of your decisions and their impact? 

Even though it may feel like every decision you make has an option of certain death – it doesn’t!

Look back at the above definition. Notice how there are different levels of impact for each decision you must make? Good, because this is reality.

Some decisions are simple and some aren’t. Some decisions are significant and some are minimal. You don’t need to make every decision be one of such significance that it ultimately slows down Your Business from progressing. 

Small Business Owners are Business Leaders who must routinely flex their decisive muscle.

Brilliant Breakthroughs Question:
Are you building a strong business by stepping into the active role of making favorable decisions for YOUR Business?

Strong businesses are built by strong Business Leaders and/or strong Business Owners. Start showing up strong and make brilliant decisions to forward your progress.

What’s that one decision you’ve been procrastinating on finalizing? What can you do to make a powerful decision to support YOUR Business Success? Share in the comment section. 

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p.s.:  Let’s see how we can create better outcomes through making better decisions in real-time.

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