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September’s Recommitting to Success Moment for Small Businesses

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Recommitting to success is a daily task for Small Business Owners. Let’s do it!

September’s Recommitting to Success Moment
for Small Businesses

Each September, like clockwork, Small Business Owners buckle down and begin recommitting to their business’s success. The kids are back in school, and we feel we should be too!

We enroll ourselves in a new training program, re-familiarize ourselves with our planner, and maybe buy some new office supplies or tech. Is this you?  

The Big Question: 
Why do Small Business Owners wait until September to recommit to success?

Could part of it be we’ve been conditioned to start fresh with the back to school mentality? Perhaps it’s that summertime playtime is over and we need to get back to work. Another option could be we begin to realize the business year is going to be completed soon and we need to secure its success. Any of this sound familiar?

Regardless of what you’re specific motivator is… and it’s probably a combination of the above, it’s time to get traction on the right things to achieve YOUR Business’s Annual Goals

What’s the most effective and efficient way to jump-start your success any time of the year?

5 Actions for Recommitting to YOUR Business’s Success:

Now that you have YOUR 5 Actions for preparing you to move into Right Action, it’s time to engage yourself, and your team, in the Right Actions to get to the first milestone you determined. Then you get to celebrate a significant accomplishment!

As you know, I’m known for the quote, “Slow down to accelerate”. This is a great way to create a new plan or reactivate one you placed on pause to tend to other priorities. (No judgment here, we all do it for different reasons.)

REMEMBER: It doesn’t matter why you decided it’s the right time for recommitting to YOUR Success. What matters is that you are! If you’re going to do it – do it well by starting with these 5 jump-start steps to accelerate your success. Then, get busy implementing your plan without any hesitation.

Which one of the 5 Actions is going to help you the most through your recommitting process? (For me it’ll be the 5th one.) Feel free to share what’s going to give you great impact in the comment section.  

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