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Defining Success for Yourself is Essential

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Want to succeed? Start by defining success – according to you!

Defining Success for Yourself
Is Essential

Defining success may not be as easy for some Small Business Owners as it is for others. Success is usually related to one’s values. However, the IRS makes it clear that a business is successful if it is profitable. 

How do you define success?

Some Small Business Owners (SBOs) laugh at me when I ask them this. Other give me a blank expression. How did you respond?

I hear many SBOs talk about success. When I ask them a question or two I learn they haven’t thought about defining success for themselves.

Success is more than making money or a profit. That’s undeniable. YOUR Business’s Performance is dependent upon your numbers. Your numbers are the numbers which verify your success according to the IRS’s definition.

Is your definition of success more complex than the IRS’s definition?

If you’re like most SBOs your answer is yes. Success usually has ideals and dreams attached to it. Does yours? 

Defining success isn’t common for SBOs unless a coach took you through an envisioning process. Curious how I hear the success conversation commonly occur? It’s a conversation of what isn’t happening. From that discussion SBOs start to tell me what they do prefer and what their success dream looks and feels like. 

Success usually has an emotion attached to it. Do you agree? It usually has actions or events tied to it as well.

Defining success typically involves a SBO’s potential of how they see them-self and the possibility of another way of being. If you’re poor, success looks filled with riches. Unhealthy? Success looks fit and active. If you’re overworked, success could look like living in a mountain cabin, on the beach, or gardening. It tends to be the opposite of our current or past reality.

Defining YOUR Success can be a 10 minute exercise or it can be a deep dive into who you are, what you’re made of, and what you want to activate. The choice is yours!

TIP: Success is accomplished by you achieving YOUR Goals.

Regardless of how long you spend defining this, the sooner you do the more successful you and YOUR Business become.

WARNING: Defining success starts as an intellectual exercise. Don’t let it stop there. Take your Right Thoughts and couple them with Right Actions to achieve YOUR Vision

The simplicity of Right Thoughts and Right Actions is undeniable and mind-blowing if applied. Gift yourself the opportunity to ponder this and step into activating YOUR Success Vision.

If you want to start this conversation, click on the No-cost Consultation link below and we’ll get you on the right track.

How are you defining success for yourself and YOUR Business? Feel free to share your comments below. 

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