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The power of owning a relationship in business

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In business and life, owning a relationship means you don’t go solo!

The power of owning a relationship
in business

Owning a relationship supports your business’s performance. Most Small Business Owners (SBOs) need to own another five relationships immediately.

It appears owning a relationship has become a lost art over the past 20 years. There is a whole generation who doesn’t understand what this is and how it creates a competitive advantage for their business.

What is “Owning a Relationship”?

This is when you have a solid relationship with someone. This means you have developed the relationship deep enough that you feel comfortable having conversations with that person because you already have (own) a relationship.

In this relationship you can candidly speak and be understood. The other person understands the spirit of what you’re saying. They are more open to receive your message and take heed.

Some may say it’s similar to being an influencer. Even though some of the outcomes of the relationship look the same, it is usually different. I should add, many influencers own relationships; however, most people who own relationships are not influencers by definition. 

Why is this type of relationship beneficial for your business’s performance?

Owning a relationship allows you to move more effectively and efficiently to achieve your goals.

Recent Business Example:

I briefly met someone at a networking event and wanted to have a conversation with them. I knew someone who had a good relationship with that person I wanted to meet for a business project. Instead of reaching out to the person I wanted to speak to directly, I reached out to our mutual business friend. I explained that I want to have a conversation with the “new” contact. I asked by business friend, if they would introduce me so I could get onto the other person’s schedule quickly.

They reached out to the new person I wanted to speak with, told them who I was, and that it would be advantageous for us to speak. I was on the phone speaking with that new person in less than 24 hours.

This is a great example because it demonstrates the power of two different relationships being owned. First: me and my business friend. Since we had a strong relationship, she delivered when I reached out for a request.  Second: The relationship she owned with the person I wanted to speak with was strong enough to quickly accept the prompting of a phone conversation with me.

Do you own enough deeper relationships in your business?

If you are a SBO in the 21st century, the answer is no. You should consistently be developing deeper relationships.

Why did I suggest you need to own five more relationships than you do today? Your Small Business will exponentially growth as you own more relationships. You need more business allies like this to support your vision.

Through the use of social media, emailing, and texting, we have lost the art of owning relationships. Today’s tools don’t allow us to go deep with our 20 to 30, or even 40 people we can reach out to and have our request swiftly be fulfilled. 

Yes, today’s business communication tools have allowed us to have a broader reach; however, this approach doesn’t mean you should avoid the depth business relationships can provide your business and its success rate!

Business’s Owning a Relationship Action Item:

  1. Make a list of 5 people who you want to get to know better for your business’s development. What they do doesn’t matter. 
  2. Reach out to them this week and make sure to have a talking conversation with them within the next 10 days.
  3. While speaking with them, learn how you may be able to assist them. They will reciprocate.
  4. Then place them on your calendar for a follow-up call in two months. During that conversation ask them something further so you understand more about their world. Perhaps even give them a good referral of two.
  5. Always be looking for ways to assist them. Send them an article you believe they’d appreciate. Wish them a happy whatever. Be on their radar screen. Support them. One day, they will be happy to support you.

Be proactive with your deeper relationship building.

REMEMBER: It’s not the number of friends or connections that matter. It’s the depth of those connections that does.

Feel free to ask any questions or make any comments you have about owning a relationship for your business’s success.


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