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Finding strength to achieve in business

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3 Steps for Finding Strength to Achieve Small Business Success.

Finding strength to achieve in business – 
Small Business Owners Secret Alert!

Finding strength isn’t one of the easiest tasks Small Business Owners must accomplish; yet, it is one of the secrets of success. Strength to do what is necessary is essential for YOUR Business to perform well.

Why not start finding strength to support your goals?

That’s right – instead of trying to avoid what you should be doing, why not spend the same amount of energy into building your strength? People avoid doing new or necessary things because it creates discomfort. Small Business Owners (SBOs) work to avoid discomfort too.

Discomfort is not a bad thing. Infact its a cue that something needs your attention. If you have a physical pain, it is a cue for you to address whatever it is that needs attention. If SBOs have a task to perform and it’s too arduous, most likely it will be rescheduled, or procrastinated over for as long as possible. Sound familiar?

Instead of delaying the inevitable, why not find something positive about it and focus on that part of the project?  

Client’s success story

Let me show you how this can look. I just spoke with a client today who shared with me several phenomenal successes she’s had in the past month. A year ago we worked together for 4 months. We had success significantly improving her revenue stream. Then her assignment was to go experiment in her marketplace and make appropriate adjustments to her business. She did this and learned what her customers really wanted. She applied what she learned from our sessions and developed it for her customers. Now her business skyrocketing. 

Today she called me to share her great success stories. It was a fun conversation. We reflected back to her steep learning curve on a couple of points – and how she didn’t know what she was doing, but trusted the guidance and applied it. Voila – preferred results achieved!

Did she know what she was doing? Not always. Did she like what she was doing? Not necessarily – most of it was new and felt awkward at first. Did she do it? Yes, over and over again.

Success breeds success

She continued doing the unfamiliar and it wasn’t as clunky as it was when she first began doing said tasks. Her practicing helped her build her strength. She was continuously finding strength through her practicings, which ultimately led to her building her confidence. That confidence allowed her to find the fun in it and continue making unfamiliar moves. Moves, that were unnatural to her only months ago, were now her new normal.

Did she break habits which were no longer serving her? Yes.

What was her inspiration that moved her beyond her familiar comfort zone or old habits? She gave herself a year to make her new business work. If it didn’t, she had to go back to a corporate job. Her inspiration, or intention, to make her new business succeed in a year overrode any former comforts and discomforts. 

3 Steps for finding strength today.

  • Identify your intention of why you want to make something happen.
  • Decide what must be done to achieve your intention.
  • Develop the necessary skills and capabilities to be your intention in action.

If you’re wondering if this is possible for you, I assure you it is. It isn’t necessarily easy, but it is simple. Each day you have choices. Choose wisely and begin today with Right Thoughts and Right Actions.

Success begins and ends with you. It starts with you and the strength of the intention of what you’re creating. You are a business leader. Lead YOUR Business.

If you’d like to read more about changing your habits to achieve your intention. Here’s a New York Times Bestseller to read on this topic: The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg.

Please feel free to share a question or insights in the comments section. What typically holds you back from achieving your intention?


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p.s.: Keep it simple. Finding YOUR Strength is a process. Start now and see where it takes you.

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