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Overcome Your Procrastination and Win Today

Overcoming procrastination illustrated by man walking a high rope course.
Overcoming Procrastination doesn’t have to be difficult. Challenge yourself in a good way!

Overcome YOUR Procrastination
and Win Today

The procrastination bug has weakened many Small Business Owners (SBOs) over the years, but this year it seems like it’s an epidemic. Don’t be fooled by this little virus. It’s every SBOs’ nemesis. It’s imperative for you to actively fight back daily on this one!

This little bugger will mess with YOUR Business Success and tank your profit margin quicker than quick. Why? It keeps you from focusing on the things that matter for success. You know, the things that you should be doing.

Workplace Procrastination

Is YOUR Workplace orderly? Are you behind on filing paper work or purging old files? Do you owe your teammates documents, information, or a performance review? When was the last time you dusted, swept, or vacuumed? Do you have a box of stuff you need to go through? That’s my nemesis – that box which may have something I need to keep, but don’t have time to go through yet. How did I decided to move the box from “Procrastination Zone” to Action Item? I scheduled it for a specific mid-November day on my calendar.

Business Procrastination

Do you review your Key Performance metrics weekly? Have you followed up on any dangling leads? Are you actively courting potential customers? Are you effectively wowing your current customers with extra-ordinary service? Does your website need some extra TLC from you? (Mine does!) Are your products getting the marketing attention they and your profit margin needs to shine brightly? There’s more, but this is plenty to keep you busy for a couple whiles.

Self Procrastination

SBOs have double duty when it comes to self procrastination. Once as an individual human being and the other as a CEO of their business. Being human is easy; yet, being a high performing human being involves a great deal of practice!

Every day humans are invited to take the easy way out. It requires a great deal of will power to move beyond our own temptations of slack. Creating favorable habits will serve you extremely well over the long run. The good news: Once you transform this into a routine it’s like flexing a muscle – it just happens without thought and pain.

Every day SBOs, who are really CEOs of their own business, bump into the “taking it easy temptation”. Wouldn’t it be easy to go play golf or go to the spa? What about joining a friend for (an extended) lunch? Blowing off an email that needs to be addressed or sauntering into work late and lazily?

SBOs are constantly managing different aspects and activities of their business. Taking productive breaks is required for effectiveness. No, having lunch at your workstation does NOT qualify as a productive break. Go one step further and you’ll be on the right track.

Napoleon Hill’s Solution

Productive breaks take you away from what your typical activities and thoughts are throughout the day. Curious what was a primary success tactic of Napoleon Hill? He partially credits his success to taking a long walks during each lunch hour to free his mind. Hill’s approach was a productive break because he tended to his personal needs and came back to work more rejuvenated than when he left.

When we are fresh, we tend to be more courageous and have the bandwidth to jump into bigger or hairier projects than when we’re exhausted.

If you continuously work to revitalize yourself, you will be able to slay more dragons to support YOUR Business’s Success much more effectively and efficiently. And as Brian Tracy says, you’ll enjoy eating more frogs! Click the link and it’ll make more sense 🙂

What do you do to procrastinate?  I know I clean my house when I’m avoiding something. Please comment section let me know what other topics you’d like for me to write about!

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p.s. What’s your chicken soup to heal your Procrastination Bug?

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